KoS Spreadsheet - Anyone got one to share?

Various people have mentioned putting the eligible KoS workouts in a spreadsheet to compare and plan.
Has anyone got one of these that they can share somehow?
It would give certain people one less reason to procrastinate…

I used this one I found in another forum posting, link was provided by Sir James T.


Many thanks Sir Craig

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Actually the suffering menu is a very personal one so I think comparing A’s menu with B’s or C’s or D’s menu wouldn’t be very practical.

At the end of the day, how one chooses to suffer for HONOUR, VICTORY and GLORY is really down to what they enjoy while suffering.

This is exactly the reason why I (and others Knights) would also recommend taking a deep dive into the MTP as well when planning to embark on the Quest.
For me at least, the Remembering Why module is most important module in the entire MTP.

I still have my spreadsheet tucked away in my personal computer and will see how I would be able to share it since it’s in Excel

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I have one, I would just need to organize it better before sharing. I could put it up tomorrow. But does look like someone has already posted one. Is it update to include the latest videos like Rue the Day?


Find attached the full list, there was post on KoS, workouts, listed in the files are legitimate for the challenge. What you have to do is go for all, one by one and select which one you would like to do first and so on.
Piece of advice, I found that longer intervals after 7 completed workouts harder to sustained, but that was me, you could be different :slight_smile:
It is hard to read but copy&past and do ‘tab’ formatting you should be good

Name Duration (min) Target IF
The Best Thing in the World 45 MAP/FTP 0.87
Rue The Day 45 MAP 0.83
The Omnium 47 AC/MAP 0.84
Angels 55 FTP 0.87
Do As You’re Told 42 AC/MAP 0.81
Power Station 49 FTP 0.85
Who Dares 53 FTP/AC/NM 0.86
Attacker 53 FTP/MAP 0.84
The Wretched 46 FTP 0.86
GOAT 42 FTP 0.84
Cobbler 106 FTP 0.81
Defender 59 FTP 0.9
Fight Club 56 AC/FTP 0.85
GOAT 42 FTP 0.84
Hell Hath No Fury 64 FTP 0.87
It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time (ISLAGIATT) 111 FTP 0.85
Local Hero 85 AC/MAP/FTP 0.85
Nine Hammers 58 MAP/FTP 0.89
Revolver 48 MAP/AC 0.87
Rue The Day 45 MAP 0.83
Team Scream 70 FTP/MAP 0.87
The Bat 60 MAP/FTP 0.86
The Best Thing in the World 45 MAP/FTP 0.87
The Chores 57 MAP/FTP 0.86
The Downward Spiral 54 AC/MAP 0.87
The Hunted 62 FTP 0.82
The Model 59 MAP/FTP 0.86
The Omnium 47 AC/MAP 0.84
The Rookie 53 FTP 0.86
The Shovel 74 AC/MAP/NM 0.82
The Trick 58 AC 0.82
The Wretched 46 FTP 0.86
There Is No Try 49 MAP/AC/TP 0.87
Thin Air 59 FTP 0.82
Violator 62 NM/AC 0.79
Who Dares 53 FTP/AC/NM 0.86

Thank you that’s really helpful.
Thank you everyone for your input.