May 8th - My first KoS attempt

Since I’ve had to quit ToS '22 due to Covid (I got tested positive after stage 3), I felt the only way for redemption is to storm the Caste of Sufferlandria.
This will happen on May 8th. Below my playlist, any suggestion is more than welcome!

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@ Lorenzo_Cavicchi - “The Model” is not yet on the approved videos list for a Knighthood Quest, although it certainly meets the pain/suffering criteria for a Knighthood attempt. GVA needs to deem it worthy, and add it to the approved list. Look for a replacement for Number #6 until official word comes out regarding The Model. Best of luck when you storm the Castle!!

@Rick I actually found it on the list at The Knighthood Challenge | Wahoo Fitness

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@Lorenzo_Cavicchi - Sounds good. I referenced the list that came up on SYSTM when doing a search for Knighthood attempt, must have been the older list. Brave choice having it on your list, it was a bear as part of ToS 2022. Again, best of luck!!

Hey @Lorenzo_Cavicchi I responded to your post on FB as well but here was what I said:

" Beautiful! Glad you’ve recovered sufficiently to plan your quest. Do you have your nutrition planned for the day? Have you done back to back rides with only 10 minutes (or less) between to see what you can accomplish in that time (it goes by very very quickly). Are you doing the Mental Training Plan in conjunction with this. Do you have a sense of the intensity you plan on riding at? Remember this is a marathon event so you don’t want to go out so hot on the first few sessions only to have burned all your matches before you get to #7 (the unofficial halfway point)."

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Solid list except you can’t do the same ride twice. You have Who Dares at #3 and #8. You will need to make an adjustment there.

Good luck!


GOOD CALL @Critmark!!

I can’t believe I never even noticed that. I guess it’s cuz its one of my favourites :man_shrugging:

Well noted! I updated my playlist. I’m planning to do the whole attempt at 70%, I want to avoid losing precious time during my recoveries changing the intensity of the next video and calculated 70% as good value to keep for the whole time. I will also try to save time eating during the last minutes of each video, so I can focus to use my 10 minutes recovery to relax. Food and drinks will be prepared the night before. Thanks to all of you for the contribution, can’t wait for the day!


Excellent. Well all I can say then is…


Try it they said. It’ll be fun they said!! HaHaHa!



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Sir @ronburgundy where you not entertain. Good way to spend 10 hours. Lol

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Brave for the best thing in the world at 9. Also G.O.A.T is a great last. It is what I did last. It will be really really hard to get those power numbers.

2 more weeks to go @Lorenzo_Cavicchi! All the best!
May the Suffering be with you :vulcan_salute:

It was also the last in my playlist for my attempt on 28th May. But I thought, why don’t I swap the position between G.O.A.T. with Defender as I want to be the greatest of all time defender of the nation. Hahahaha :joy:

I need a doctor :rofl:

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That is definitely a solid list, plenty of guaranteed suffering in there (and a lot of my personal faves!!) Best Thing in the World is going to be pretty “spicy” at #9. Great ride, my only complaint with putting it that late is the unpredictability. By that late in the day, those sudden/irregular changes aren’t much fun. That being said, it’s your quest so go with what you want. Just be smart with your pacing (better to start at a lower % than you think early and if you feel great you can always bump it up), keep the food and fluids coming in, and prepare to dig really deep (especially towards the end!!). It’s almost as much of a mental battle as a physical one - don’t let any doubts creep in and you’ll be storming the gates before you know it!! Good luck and happy suffering!!

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The day is coming soon, so I’m into deep preparation. I’m planning about 7 lt of fluids (water - dextrines - isotonic), 5 energy bars, 3 sandwiches and 2 gels. I will force myself a bathroom stop every other video and change bibs at least twice (after 3rd and 7th video).

Any suggestion is always welcome!



:banana: Crush it!!

Good luck and mind your health.

Good choice! If you’re on fresh 4DP numbers, that’s a very reasonable plan.

If you’re using a desktop to run SYSTM, you can adjust the intensity using the up and down arrows on the keyboard. That’s a very quick way to make adjustments on the fly.

I’ll be starting my quest in two hours. My goal will be to go as long as possible, since I will donate to DPF a dollar for each equivalent kilometer.