Lactate testing and Half Monty

Hi there, about 25 years ago as I was a rowing coach I used to have a portable lactate tester and was using it a lot with my athletes.

I was wondering if using a portable lactate analyzer could be a great help in learning important things about performance testing in SYSTM. For example, is there a protocol to use if you want to take samples during a half Monty or a Full Frontal? How could the results be used to fine-tune the training? Does anyone have any experience to share?


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From being on the receiving end of lactate threshold tests, half monty would match well. Testing at every step and seeing when your lactic acid goes non-linear. I’ve used it to determine aerobic threshold - determine what HR/power to ride at for all day efforts, so it may help you here to determine the level to ride at for workouts such as Open 60. I don’t know how much more accurate it is than the existing half monty though - my levels now are within a few bpm of what they were when I had the tests.

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As I’m sure you know, lactate testing should be a step test rather than a ramp so as to allow lactate levels to stabilise and then take maybe 2 measurements per step. You don’t really need to test beyond the first lactate threshold as that is the determinant between moderate to heavy intensity domain. Bryan that and LT2, this blurry transition zone can be determined as FTP, Critical Power, Maximal Lactate Steady State, Ventilatory Threshold 2 or LT2 so you can use the FTP result from FF or HM