Legal Performance Enhancing Supplements that Actually Work - Nitrates

Great stuff as usual. Made me start thinking in the reaction chain and various formats and some gaps for me in what you talked about. And this also creates question: The plasma bioavailability of nitrate and betanin from Beta vulgaris rubra in humans - PMC which says: “However, betanin, the major betalain in beetroot, showed poor bioavailability in plasma.” I know you focused on the nitrate chain.
You gave a mmol piece of information but you didn’t say what that equates to in the amount of beets you eat/juice to get there. And of course all the “packaged” supplements (that is the title, not performance enhancing food :slight_smile: ) tout their massive number of beets packed into their dose. I can see where those work as a beverage but if I followed correctly something that is passing me nitrates in a capsule form is going to skip the transformation to nitrite transformation.
So my call is for putting the information you presented into a consumption amount and what to look at in supplements if you don’t happen to like beets, etc. That is where we are all “wasting” tons of money. The article I sited above had control subjects at 250ml of juice or 300g of beets. thanks for presenting and listening.

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