Question on a Suppliment

I just heard about a new to me suppliment that may or may not help my ongoing health saga: Berberine.

Anyone had experience with it and have either positive or negative comments? I’m not looking for medical comments, as I’m going to discuss it with my medical team. It’s more avoid if you can help it or “it’s the cat’s pajamas and I won’t use anything else”.

Thank you.

Sir James

I read a lot about Diabetes because my daughter is a Type 1. Berberine is used as an anti-diabetes drug. Here is a real good, although overly technical, article on it’s effects on muscle atrophy. If you are considering taking it this is definitely worth the read.

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Just to let you know I rode my Knighthood for a local lady who was diagnosed at five with T1D. She’s now about 19 and having the usual teenager issues with ‘why do I have to do this?’ and having dangerous lows even though she is on a closed loop system. May you have less issues and I hope we find a cure soon.

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Interesting article but it is from 2010. I’m wondering if any follow-up with humans was conducted and if so, where is it documented. The article even warns that results found in mice may not translate well to humans, especially those with T2D.

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I don’t have any experience or further reading on this topic, but the place to look would be Google Scholar as you can select date ranges to get more up to date articles. If the articles are behind a paywall, you can put the article title into Sci.hub to get full access

Thanks. I’m going to discuss this with my medical team this month. It’s a ten year discussion and I think it’s time that we do something about it. The situation shouldn’t be discussed further in this media. Coach Spencer and I had a discussion on this about nine years ago.