Legend of the Suffbucket Challenge

Surely everyone has an old bucket left over from the cabbage famine days!
Here’s your chance to put it to good use!

“Legend of the SuffBucket” presented by Team SuffBuckets

A Tour Challenge for everyone.

In true SUF fashion, Team SuffBucket announces a new competition for the 2023 edition of the Tour.

This year an award for Team Spirit will be open to All Riders, including all Teams and all individuals.

Here’s the steps to enter:

  1. Register for the Tour and also team if you like.

  2. Make a distinct extra $25 donation to your own account and message proof to Gerry (GJStache53) that you have done so.

  3. Design your Tour bib. The bib links are in the files folder.

  4. Get a bucket from anywhere, any size.

  5. Print and paste your bib on the bucket. Decorate the bucket with positive memes etc…

  6. Post a picture of the Bucket on the Sufferlandria Village Facebook Page with the hashtag #legendofthesuffbucket.

  7. Ride or Watch the Tour.

  8. Wait for the drawing to see if you win!

What will you win … a personalized jersey, designed by the one and only Sir Joe Martin, at the direction of the winner.


Wahay, this sounds right up my ally. I even have the perfect bucket!


That’s Right! A custom Jersey for the Winner! This will be a one off Champion System Jersey designed to the Winner’s specifications. So design your bib, grab a bucket, make the donation and get creative!