Lesotho Cycling Team (End of Thin Air)

Just finished Thin Air Session and during the cool down their is clip of the Lesotho Cycling Team. Curious how this team is going and if still supported by THESUFFFEFEST?

Got me thinking of another interesting project. Nice reading for those interested:



Great article - thanks for sharing!


I’m not sure is they still have support but the riders are still riding. Tumelo Makae is currently in Switzerland, training for the Olympics. I’ve recently seen some pics of Basotho riders on homemade rollers on facebook. This is their international race. https://vimeo.com/189295969


Isn’t that video great? We supported the Lesotho team for about five years – we helped get a couple riders to the UCI World Cycling Center (Bk and Tumelo) and one rider - the legendary Phetetso! - to Rio for the Olympics. It was absolutely an amazing journey for all of us and something that I, personally, am extremely proud to have been a part of. We no longer sponsor the team as it sort of ran its course, but we are still working on some things to continue to support riders from countries that don’t have the resources to do so. Stay tuned on that. :slight_smile:


Big thanks to Sufferfest for supporting the Sufferfest Lesotho MTB team. You really started something special. The team is still running and looking for a new sponsor. The MTB team has grown into grassroots racing as well as pump track racing. This video give a good idea of life in Lesotho and how important cycling has become. This could not have happened without Sufferfest’s support of the MTB team to lay the foundation. Thankyou!

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