Team Scream - Who is the Sufferlandrian

Rode Team Scream again today, one of my favourite videos, it is so engaging and does not feel like 50 minutes of effort!

Everytime I do it though it always makes me wonder who the Sufferlandrian is in Team BMC that gets dropped during the team time trial but somehow makes it back on the train minutes later!

Must be trained by @Coach.Neal.H :joy:


Rohan Denis used to ride for BMC and is coached by Sir Neal. Can’t be though, I drop him when I do my first pull on the front. (Ha, that is so not what would ever happen! :wink: )

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I thought about making this point, too. Surely there’s no point in all this drafting if someone can be dropped and still make it back on? Like, has that happened, ever? :thinking:

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Yeah it could work if that person then took shorter turns or even skipped a few. It’s like when I rider has a mechanical in a stage race and canes it to get back in the Peletón

Yeah but we’re told he’s been dropped and then later we’re all back together, no? That’s not the same as he’s hanging in and can’t contribute. Of course, I could be mistaken. It’s all a bit of a blur at that point

Getting back into the peloton normally requires another team member dropping back and sacrificing themselves. They would not be involved once the connection has been made

Unless I am looking at the wrong year and not the right part of the footage, It looks like they finished with 4 riders and just lost out to Sunweb for third place.

Hammer Stavanger 2018 Full replay

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Thanks for posting the link to the video was interesting to see the course from a view other than on the bike! I think it was the correct race bits of the course look familiar but different without bleeding eyes!

Towards the end when 61 is on the back it must mean the intern is on the front, probably the final long map dig at the end!

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What is so impressive in Team Scream is the performance of Stefan Kung. He’s the dude who keeps taking the super long pulls. What a monster!


Did team scream today. Awesome as usual. But for the first time I noticed Team Sunweb ahead near the finish line. So close for team BMC, but not quite enough to catch them.

What a great video! first time I have tried it. Since I always do the Hilly GF plans, it rarely pops up.

The simulation is spot on, so it’s very engaging. As always, music is rocking and the perfect amount of suffering: just enough so you can manage but you kind of want to be done with it at times.

Also did it for the first time this weekend, it was awesome. Extra engaging as I was on a TT bike myself, almost feeling like I was actually a part of the team. Even managed to stay in TT-position throughout (except for standing a couple of times for the small uphill and roundabout exit-sprint).

That’s next step simulation! Ive never ridden a TT bike before, must be so different.

FYI, in Colombia TT bikes are called “cabras” which translates to Goat. Just realized that :thinking:

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Do they have lazers too? :sweat_smile:

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Fortunately for me, no they do not!