Lets celebrate with music!

As we are all super excited for the new app release tomorrow, what about a Sufferlandria favourite songs playlist? (Any favourite song, doesn’t have to be from SUF soundtrack)
Let me start:
Nightwish - Ghost Love Score (live from Wacken)


Deep Sea Diver from Angels always has a special place for me. My first ever workout and my other hobby was scuba diving so it seemed like destiny when I found that on my first visit to our great nation :slight_smile:


It’s gotta be “My Old Friend Misery” - the burgeois (from the “new” fight club)

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Goodbye California - Nate Currin from Blender.
Not my usual genre but a track I just find really catchy.
One of many tracks that I wouldn’t have discovered had it not been for SUF.


65 Days Of Static - Tiger Girl

It’s not on any current Sufferfest videos, but it’s one of the tracks I’ll cue up regularly in NoVids or other workouts without soundtracks.

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Every track from the 2nd & 3rd interval on Cobbler.

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“Ahead Of It” by Mr. Harrison & The Congregation from Defender.

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So hard to pick just one!!

Recharger - Open Your Eyes by Har Megiddo/Colby Osbourne - a very uplifting song in a very uplifting ride

Cobbler - Xanthe by WHILE_E - perfect beat and music for a low cadence grind

I find it hard to separate the song from the workout and the emotions they bring out. Neither one of these songs are ones I would gravitate to outside of The Sufferfest, but they work so well to keep my legs spinning around that now I really like them!!


“So do you think that is over? You better think again.”

When The Hammer Comes Down - Ballbreaker from A Very Dark Place.


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I love so many but here are my favs:

The Drum - The Siege (G.O.A.T.)

Sitting Down is Stupid - Floyd Wonder (Recharger <— best soundtrack in the nation!)

Calypso - Paris Burns (Power Station)

You, Me, and the Boatman - Quiet Company (Blender)

Breathe (Getting Away With It)

Movement Revolution (The Way Out / The Best Way is Blended)

I also really like Deep Sea Diver from Angels (mentioned already by @aerobrain )

There are so many more … I’m really looking forward to many more great soundtracks like Recharger in tomorrow’s release.


This is my go to Spotify Playlist to put out the watts :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:


Have put this on my playlist list for my next long ride!

Too many to choose from! Can’t remember everything I have on my Spotify playlist but Favorites are any of the songs by Heifervescent, the warmup song from the original AVDP, Song in my Head, Goodnight California, Let’s go Shopping, Let’s Get it Started, and so many others. I even like the Italian techno pop song in Violator. It might be the only song I have ever remembered from that workout!


Sia - Chandelier?
On a slightly different topic: During which workout does this song appear? :thinking:
One of my daughters was listening to this song a while ago. When I heard it, I got some flashbacks, seen/feeling myself fighting on the bike. But can’t remember the workout.

Normally not my jam but it was an awesome feeling in the middle of the night, kids and family fast asleep. I’m currently at the bottom of the mines on the recovery break before going upwards again and found myself really really happy, smiling and whistling along to the tune:

The Shovel: Blow It Away - The Green Duck

Thanks to the whole Sufferfest Team for the really awesome music most of which I have never heard before!

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I’m happy to be corrected but I don’t believe Suf would use (or license the use of) such a commercially successful song.

I remember once in one of the KoS preview edits there was a proper big song (big as in charts type). But yes, by launch it was gone :slight_smile: Can’t for the life of me remember either the song or the video though…

Knights … :roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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