Who else replays the workouts just to listen to the soundtracks?

After a killer Sufferfest workout, I want to listen to the soundtrack over and over and over again. Not the playlist, but the actual workout soundtrack so I can replay the pain and suffering in my head. I wish there was a way to replay without the videos so I could be inspired to bring the pain on my group training races. Honour. Glory. Victory.


There’s a lot of tracks from the early days of SUF here: The Sufferfest: EVERYTHING - playlist by David McQuillen | Spotify


Thanks David. I also found this most excellent Song List: Song List – Sufferfest Support

The playlists are great, but are sometimes missing the best songs.

What I’d like best (and maybe I’m a bit crazy) would be to play the actual workout soundtrack with the same cuts, intervals and edits without having to replay the workout.


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Is there an issue with replaying the workout? You could minimize the app, turn off the sound effects, and then delete the workout at the end.

I actually bought Softwhere’s “Nothin’ to Say”, just for “Coke Machine” from the dreaded Nine Hammers workout. It turns out that there are plenty of other good tracks on that album. They are mostly better suited for a relaxed-pace base ride, but when “Coke Machine” comes along toward the end, I grin as I fight the temptation to mess up my base ride with a hard 4-minute pull.


@way9e0 Yep. That’s exactly what I have been doing.

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I noticed there is a number of songs unavailable in Spotify playlist or they’re not mentioned in Sufferfest’ songs list. For instance “Se ne va” by Millionaire Blonde from warmup section in Violator

You can find some on YouTube, like the Polaris at Noon tracks at https://youtu.be/E_Pg7bzwZHw

I give the minions credit for finding a lot of hidden gems for the tunes they feature in the workouts. Somebody at SUF seriously knows their discography. The result is that some of the tracks are quite obscure, but well worth researching to find out more about the artist and album.