I like the soundtrack for the work outs.
Anyone know how to download a playlist?

Hi @Mjab, welcome!

There are some playlists available on Spotify:

Also, have a look at these search results:

You may need to filter through these a bit to get the ones specifically related to SUF videos. Anything with one of the video titles, or anything posted by @David.McQuillen.KoS will be related to the SUF soundtracks.

There’s also a good list of all the soundtracks here:


I’ve been looking for that song in “Half is Easy” that starts out with “here we go.” I’m not sure which song it is on the playlist but I believe it is “Haiiiiiii” by Dom Kane. It is the feature song in the “Half is Easy” Trailer on Vemo.

I cannot find that song anywhere. I have tried iTunes, Spotify, Shazam and even the Dom Kane website. Where did you guys find that song?

For DJ stuff I usually check Soundcloud, Beatport or Bandcamp. Hopefully it’s in there somewhere.

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Yeah, I have a devil of a time finding some of the songs. A found a bunch on Apple Music. The ones not there I usually found on Spotify. But then there were some I had to go to Beatport for. @Mjab If all else fails, you can always post a question here and tag Therese or Francois and they (or others) should be able to help point you in the right direction.

Sir Even,

Thanks for your suggestions. I have tried Apple, Beatport, Spotify, Bandcamp, Epic Sound and Dom Kane’s website. None of the three songs on the list are on any site which makes me wonder if Dom Kane is the artist. I would like to add them to my Suf playlist because nothing is more motivational than Marianna Voss laying down the law with that song in the background. Except maybe Cancellara’s Time Trial run in Fight Club. Oh the glorious Suffering!!!


Could you let me know where I can find the above mentions song please?

Sir Patrick


That’s an awesome song! I hope @anon8787683 or @Francois-Wahoo can tell us what it is! I tried Shazaam and Soundhound and got no results.

This one might have been lost forever during the Great Fire of Agonia that engulfed the SUF Music Superstore in flames back in 42 AG.


Comment of the week! :rofl:

I was going to make some reply about Tower Records back in the 90’s, but that doesn’t hold a candle to the Great Fire of Agonia back in 42. :laughing:

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@Patrick_KoS Also, I’ve found a few songs in the playlists to be wrong or missing. So, you might need to do some extra legwork to find it.

@emacdoug @Francois-Wahoo I did some extra legwork and found it - sort of. I wrote to Dom Kane directly asking about the work. He wrote back saying that it was never officially completed or published. They were draft pieces released on Soundcloud and he was curious how they ended up in the cycling videos. Fearing that I may have opened the laser goat paddock and gotten the Sufferfest in trouble, I wrote to Sir David @David.McQuillen.KoS to give him a heads up. Sir David responded that everything was on the up and up. The pieces were licensed through a company that Dom Kane used (but never gave him the royalties for the work). Sir David stated that he and Dom are working it out and hoping to use more of his music in future videos. Hopefully, we will be able to get those pieces on the Spotify Playlist if Dom can find them.


@Patrick_KoS Wow, that is some serious legwork! I knew SUF used some more obscure music, but draft pieces never officially completed or published is some serious obscurity. Really interesting to see how this unfolded. Thanks for letting us know. And hopefully Dom can find these and get them up so we can enjoy them and also hopefully get him some royalties. :+1:

Yes MartijnL! One of my favorite Bandcamp albums is Ligature from Pressure Vessel, it’s pounding, relentless, awesome. I could replace food with industrial techno and survive.

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I get the impression that Francois is a fantastic comedian!

This is pretty unrelated to everything above but I felt the need to say it. I just did HHNF (and by just I mean ‘just now’ and also ‘just about finished’). The music on the last 3minute TT effort is superb. A great track but so well matched to the situation and effort.

It’s one of my favourite sessions but I’m usually pretty spent by the end of the second 20min FTP effort and could quite happily stop there. But the music on the last 3 mins, plus the videography too, gets 1 last effort out of me every time and I finish feeling drained but very pleased for having done it. Bravo as always guys.

It’s ‘Three’ by Ghost in the Machine (c.f. the full track listing post from Therese).



Can we have back that song listing? Please? To find that In the current Wahoo resources would be great. And it would be much better than having to visit the web archive first. Anyway, if someone else wants to see the original song list you can do so here on the web archive.


Here’s the list, thanks to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine: Song List – Sufferfest Support


I like to run in the morning. I usually download the Spotify song playlist to my MP3 with TuneSolo Spotify Music Converter, so that I can run while listening to the song.


Do you have a favorite song for running and is it different than for the bike?

Thanks for the list. Been gojng though unread messages on the forums. Still haven’t found Alyssa by Modern Day Freak