Level Mode Workouts for FF Prep

I’m looking to get some practice with workouts in level mode to prepare the full frontal test. As this is suggested to do in level mode I wonder what you lot can recommend as some good workouts to practice working out in level mode?

I’ve found cash register which looks good for sprints but does anything else spring to mind?


I always do Primers in level mode before FF to dial in the gearing.

My best advice is to hop in some RGT events and races and give your whole cassette a workout. You’ll get a really good feel of understanding the resistance curve of your trainer and bike gearing. Of course, I do have a KICKR BIKE so shifts are flawless and silent.


I suggest using one of the open vids. Ignore the targets and practice/test the efforts, gearing, and levels you like for sprints and for longer sustained efforts.


Honestly for normal SUFF work I do about everything in level mode, as I like practicing my gear ratios. But just about any of the workouts that combine most of the elements would work for you.

If you want practice across all areas, go to Library > Cycling > and select “mixed”, with all four 4DP metrics toggled on and you’ll get 30+ videos that offer variation similar to FF. Some of the “best” are:

Mini Blender
Cash Register
Fight Club
Revolver is Easy
SUF Idol
The Best Thing in the World
The Best Way is Blended
The Chores
The Cure
The Omnium (sorry, but yeah… :grimacing:)
The Shovel


Thankyou everyone. My replacement kickr core arrives tomorrow. Next week is looking fun already now.

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Nice! New shiny!

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sadly it’s a out of warranty replacement so not too shiny but still £250 lighter now just a shame that won’t improve my speed :man_shrugging:t3:


honestly almost any of them can be done in level mode. Last year, i stopped using erg mode for anything that has meaningful amount of efforts above FTP. I’ve done nine hammers, dark place, The Trick (rough!), they all work. You just have to accept that you’re unlikely to hit the target exactly (you might be a bit over, bit under) but as long as you’re close enough it’s fine, the tools we have are much more precise than the body is anyway.

have fun!


You can always do a FF in level mode as practice for doing a FF in level mode.


Seconded. I’ve regularly advocated for just doing FF for practice, as a regular ride. Not that it’s fun…


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You’re dead wrong here. Throwing money at a situation has absolutely been proven to make you faster. Always.


Unless you’re buying cake of course, but then, cake.

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