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Greetings Wahooligans!

A newby Wahooligan here, that’s a bit rusty on forum use, so please forgive if the topic has been discussed elsewhere. I looked and found nothing on the subject…

I have learnt that any extra activity can be linked to a scheduled one by a drag-and-drop. In this instance, due to time constraints I did a shorter workout than one prescribed and then linked two activities. Simple and easy, except…

The result is what’s annoying me now as I can’t find anywhere why the linked activity banner changed from green to orange with an exclamation mark icon, as seen in attached image.

I am presuming it’s to do with an activity duration difference but I can’t see any reference to the exclamation mark in the activity details.

Has anyone else experienced similar?

@doctordarko Yes the durations need to be similar for the calendar item to turn green. If you unlink and then select another workout that is a similar time and add it to that date you can link and they will turn green. You can then delete the workout that you didn’t do.


Thanks for confirming my suspicions @JSampson.

Devs, if you’re reading this, I think it’d be nice if there was an explanation banner once activity is loaded, rather than leaving it to guesswork. :grin:

@doctordarko FYI it works the same if you don’t finish a workout - for example starting a 15 min yoga video and only doing 6 minutes. I am not sure what the threshold is to turn green but it seems to be around 5 or 10% of the planned workout time.


Systm support page regarding this is here:

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Partially completed! As simple as that. Thanks guys.

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For the 15 minute yoga workouts it’s around 12 minutes…