ELEMNT activities in SYSTM calendar

Checked my SYSTM calendar this morning and activities from my ELEMNT are now showing, does this mean we are 1 step closer to pushing outdoor workouts to head units?

Also means that every time I’ve marked a workout as complete because I did it outside, its duplicated… that is really going to wind up the nerds


Yep. Seems like a new functionality.
And it works in retrospect - so all trainings from the past are shown in the calender.

As I run the Elemnt Bolt also during my indoor trainings I have lots of doubles in the calendar.
And it seems that „cycling“ and „indoor cycling“ is not used consistently.

All in all very exciting to see the outdoor rides in the calendar. Nice!

That is really neat!!! maps and all data from my bolt showing as well!!! Top marks Minions!!

@JGreengrass Try unchecking a schedule outside workout as done and then drag it over the imported outside workout and see if it turns green.

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Are only activities recorded on your ELEMNT being imported into SYSTM? No runs, swims, strength, etc.?

RGT, ELEMNT, and SYSTM workouts all in the calendar including old. Seems like they’ve basically integrated the “Wahoo Cloud” further into it which is a nice sign of further integrating things together.


@bfrostie Do you use the Wahoo Fitness app? That syncs to the cloud so any workouts recorded there such as a run or lifting session should appear as well.

I looked back in my history and found a time I used the Wahoo Fitness app for a treadmill run. That shows up in the calendar as well, though it seems like it is unexpected since the activity type is “workoutType.FETreadmill”.

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Hey guys. Just announced this in another post – head over there for further discussion, please: 🚀 New feature: Outside rides (and other Wahoo cloud activities) now appear on the SYSTM calendar - #2