Adding workout to calendar

I added a short extra workout onto a session I had just finished. It shows on my calendar but the header is in grey and not green. why is this? thanks

Did you add it to your calendar before doing it, or just ride it spontaneously?

I think that calendar items go green when you complete a planned activity.


Hmmm! maybe you are right, will have to remember that cheers

Yup. It’s a weird distinction since it only requires “planning” seconds before you start as opposed to just starting. Personally, I don’t much care about the color—so long as I get my little check mark!


Believe this is correct. You get green for completing an activity from your plan, grey for completed an non-plan workout, and orange/amber if you “complete” a workout by jumping ahead or in some other way not doing the full 100%.

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For purposes of the green, this includes any workouts you add to your calendar, even ones you add seconds before riding them.

Maybe some rendering differences between OS?


I added the strength workout to my schedule yesterday - outside of a plan - and it stayed grey on completion, though I got the green check mark.

This was in MacOS.

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Just tested with morning yoga routine. I added it to my calendar (iOS) right before I did it, launched it from the calendar, and it turned green on completion. Peculiar that you got different results. Could be the OS, but that would also be peculiar.