LIVE Tour Broadcasts

RIDERS! This year, Sir Dylan Robbins and I, along with the Hobart-based Wahoo Team, will do live-broadcasts every day during our rides - watch out for some crazy stunts. Likewise, Coach Sir
Neal Hendersonand the Wahoo Sports Science Team will also broadcast live later in the day with special guest. The schedule is below – you can also click on the link to have the full schedule of live broadcasts added to your calendar so you don’t miss any of the action:


Stolen from Facebook-Post :slight_smile: :

And iCal:


As these are going out on YouTube (stage 1 Tour of Sufferlandria Stage 1 Hobart - YouTube) I’m presuming that those of us in the old world Sufferlandrian timewarp zone will be able to watch on catch up. No reason why not. We don’t want to miss out on seeing the Hobart gang in the stage 1 bouncy castle! The bouncy castle has arrived, right?


I played around with Youtube for a bit and discovered you can choose if you would like your live-stream to stay up afterwards. I strongly expect the stream to stay up for at least one sufferlandrian day (50 hours) or even better, the full duration of the tour.
Pretty please!


Yep! We’ll keep it up for sure. Who doesn’t want to relive the live Suffering?


Stage 1 is in the bag for the Hobart Crew.

Great, great first stage! But @David.McQuillen.KoS I think the hat has to go. :grin:
You guys planned a grueling challenge for 9H. Can’t wait to donate - to a good and an evil cause.

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I was talking more than the Hobart gang during Cobbler. Although my words would likely have got the video kicked off YouTube so probably best I was talking to myself. 1h45 of misery :tired_face:. But, hey, Nine Hammers next :grin: :thinking: :nauseated_face:

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Yeah, first day, getting their bearings, too, I imagine. Lots of swearing means so much more work in post production - and who will beep it out live on stage? :slight_smile:
Probably lots more to come.
Let‘s see how Sir Neal and Co will do.

I‘m dreading going down today. This will be my queen stage… I second your vomit emoji.

Boulder stage 1 live broadcast is about to go, er, live


Hahaha. Youtube at 57:40: Stream suspended for policy violations. During the last part of the ninth hammer. :rofl: It HAD to be swearing!
Well, it’s still on Facebook. :+1:

I guess you scratched the initial idea to raise the intensity for each $100 donation?! Probably a good call.

Best moment:
On the Display: Six Hammers couldn’t break you!
Dave: Sorry guys, I cracked.

Plus: Me getting to see the footage during the ninth hammer for the first time today.

That soundtrack! I enjoyed it even more off the bike while watching all of you suffer. Aces.

One question, though: Did Sir Dylan and Sir David say “see you tomorrow for Half is Easy and GOAT”? What about, can’t say but you know, stage 3?


Sir Dylan DID say that. I can only assume the 9th hammer briefly scrambled their brains.


Yeah, we were fried.


I was watching Hobart stage 2 on catch up earlier today. Think I fell asleep sometime during hammer 5 (it was very earlier in my day!). Who knew that the sound of Suffering worked as a lullaby? I’ll have to remember that. Hey, maybe this could be a content section for the App.

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Just tried to watch Hobart stage 2 on youtube and it’s says “video contains content from IMG Media UK who has blocked it on copyright grounds” a real pity. So glad I got see the fab stage 1 broadcast from Boulder

Watch it on Facebook, it‘s still available there. Look for a post from Sir Dylan.

Hey broadcasters, have you suffered today? Last year Sirs @dylan.robbins and @David.McQuillen.KoS did video recaps with highlights and challenges for upcoming stages. Safe to assume you’re not able to do that this year?


Yes! This is what I was hoping for, too.


Link to the Hobart stage 2 video on Facebook (probably need an account to view it)


Also find I’m missing these.
But I love the 2 episodes of daily suffering across the time zones of Sufferlandria!

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So, looks like ContentID has flagged the 9 Hammers livestream from copyright infringement. What a bunch of a**holes. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: