SUFlog '21: PW reporting live(-ish) from Tour of Sufferlandria

RIDERS! The Greatest Grand Tour is in full swing.
Can’t get enough? After the Hobart Gang and Boulder Crew:

Pierre is reporting live(-ish) from the Stages.

1. Joyride + Cobbler

2. Nine Hammers

3. Fight Club

4. Half is Easy + G.O.A.T.

5. Norway

6. Who Dares + The Cure

7. Defender + Attacker

It will all be fine…

Find out how it all started (three videos pre-tour):

A. Announcement reaction

B. Stages reveal reaction

C. ToS Training

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Love it, wonderful job!

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Brilliant !!! :rofl:

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Awesome as always!!!

Best quote, “Fascinating, but disturbing!”


Absolutely brilliant! Love the 'stache! Can’t wait for the next episode.

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Fun fact: I had to go to work with the 'stache while preparing for the video - and totally forgot I had a video conference coming up… :slight_smile:


Come online now and watch!!!

Missed it because of work :pensive: Busy week ahead. Sorry I couldn‘t cheer you on.

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No problem Pierre!!! Hopefully you can tune in to the 2nd ride!!!

@Pierre @Michael_Jones Love the wig too - reminds me of Christoper Guest in Spinal Tap.

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RIDERS! Footage of the second Stage just arrived!
Pierre is - again - reporting live(-ish) from the action.

I updated the initial post as well

Let’s see if I make it out of the Valley of Nine Hammers alive…


Have a link for us?

OK, just found it (SUFlog: ToS Stage 2 - Nine Hammers - Sufferfest Tour of Sufferlandria 2021 - YouTube)


That Pain Shake looks delicious! I’m going to go and make one right now, as I’m about to a Nine Hammers AND Fight Club double.


Yeah, secret recipe now shared. Be careful, you need a blender with blades forged in the lava of Mt. Sufferlandria.

I wanna say, this comment of yours could be the crazies I heard this tour so far. A double??

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And I thought I was nuts doing 9H late last night and FC mega early this morning!!! Chapeau Sir!

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@Pierre These are fantastic! Always a few moments that give me a right good chuckle. :grin:

Especially love the end of the first video when you’re figuring out the bike and getting to know it better. Brilliant! :laughing:

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Well… I chickened out on the 9 :hammer: / :boxing_glove: double… I gave myself 3 hours recovery so that I could watch the crew in Hobart scrap for 5 rounds.


@Pierre these are amazing!! :tada::tada:


Great work @Pierre ! Looking forward to the next instalment.

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These are fantastic. Love the creativity and in awe at the amount of work it must take–on top of doing the Tour, no less! Looking forward to the next one!

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