Low Volume Plan

Hey, is there any plan to introduce some kind low volume approach for time crunched fitness enthusiasts?? As a father of 2 toddlers I find it difficult to adjust existing training plans and would very much welcome some help on that matter.

I consider the special focus. 4 week power build kinda good and for time crunched. People. I’m on this plan next. Is about 6 hrs a week

Hey @micro, the “All In” plan is 4 weeks long and has only 2-3 rides per week. It also includes some strength training and yoga for variety. It’s fairly simple to move workouts from one date to another. Just click on the workout in the calendar, click the “…” and move it to where it works for you. See pic:

To be precise it’s the “speed demon plan”

anything longer than 4 weeks ? You cannot categorize this as a proper training plan. More like a block, which is not suitable for a longer period of time…

To be fair @micro, you were not being very specific in your request for help. How long are you looking for in terms of a plan…6-10-12 weeks? What is your fitness goal? Do you have an event you’re training for? How “low” volume is low volume for you? That is, how many hours a week do you have to train? What are the difficulties you are having with adjusting existing training plans? If you are needing to skip a workout here and there that shouldn’t impact most training plans effectiveness. I think I read somewhere that if you complete around 80% of a plan as written, you should still achieve that plans expected outcomes.

If you are comfortable with it, you could build your own plan using the Building Blocks that allow you to build 3 or 4 week blocks that target each of AC/NM, Base, FTP, MAP and Tempo. If you are not comfortable with building your own plan, and you are finding the stock plans aren’t meeting your needs, then my suggestion is that you consider purchasing a Customized Training Plan. I’ve not used one of these myself, but I’ve heard nothing but great things from those that have.
Hope this has helped.

P.S. I’ve moved your question to the Training Topic.

A training plan consists (as majority of yours do) of 10-12 weeks of training which ends with an evaluation of sorts. Then you can repeat a process etc.

I do not find an answer “if you do not like what we offer, do it yourself” to my liking.

Customized training plans are more for high level athletes that need the training being tailored for them. That is not a case with me. I just wanted to know if there is any thing in the pipeline that meets criteria:

Training aim: Long term fitness improvement
Sessions per week: 3 (2x 1h and 2h at weekend).

That is something I would consider a perfect option for people with very little time to train but willing to put the energy to improve.

For the record @micro, I don’t actually work here. I’m just a long time Sufferlandrian on the forum trying to help out someone else on the forum. As for what may be coming down the pike, the reason I moved your question to the Training Topic is that the coaches will sometimes weigh in here and may also be privy to what is in the works at SUF HQ.

Also for the record, I am in no way saying that if you don’t like what is on offer to do it yourself. I am only suggesting a couple of ways to take advantage of what is already in existing plans.

You could perhaps consider the Novice All Purpose Road plan. Pick two of the mid week rides that suit you and do them on Tuesday and Thursday, plus the longer or shorter weekend ride depending on the time you have. You would then get the progression you are after without taking too much time to do so.

sorry, I do not know why but I indeed thought you were one of couches. Thank you for your input :slight_smile:

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As he said. Or choose an intermediate plan and replace the longer weekend rides with shorter ones.

The sufferfest about time chrunshed. Except the longer weekend rides.

I too tend to be rather time crunched. The way I view the training plans is kind of like the blueprint for a house. There’s nobody that knows me better than myself, and with that blueprint I’m able to tweak it to fit my schedule and goals.

I try to adhere to the spirit of a build week vs taper and choose similar videos where needed, often a shorter workout with similar TSS but higher intensity.

Big discussion of that here


The customized training plan option was actually created for people such as yourself. People who want a knowledgeable coach to adjust a plan to meet your cycling goals while taking your life limitations, demands, etc. into account.
I hope you’ll consider that as an option, our coaches will work with you to be sure your needs are met!

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