Planned break in training plan: preload volume?

I’ve seen threads on this topic and have read the Wahoo blog but have a more specific question. I’m in a 12 week all purpose training plan w/strength training and will miss week 5 (week 6 would have been a recovery week) because of work travel. The time off will be low stress, I just won’t have bike access. I’ve seen the workaround to delete and then re-apply the plan with the added week so I can pick up where I left off.

Should I add 50% additional (low intensity) volume in the week before to compensate for the week off? Or should I commit to a week of strength training in the “off” week? Which of these options would make jumping back in the week 6 (now week 7) workouts more seamless in terms of workload?

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That’s a question for coach, which I am not. I can only tell you how I’ve ‘solved’ this situation in the past. At times I’ve just ignored it and carried on where I left off - generally works. Sometimes I’ve substituted the rides for runs and - when lucky - substituted the rides for indoor rowing sessions on a Concept2 in the hotel gym.

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I tend to use the travel week as my rest week and then go into a regular week when I get back. I use the training plans as a guide to structure the training I do, but don’t use the plan per se because my work schedule is irregular. When our kids were small I learned to be flexible to get workouts in.

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@adiallo I would go with the second option but another option is to just flip the rest week with the missed week and just monitor your fatigue levels as you work towards the next deload week.