Modifying Training Plans

I’m about to commence a new plan. Ideally I’d be doing moderate or high volume general purpose, but circumstances mean I can’t commit to the volume at the weekends at present. I’m used to a higher volume plan, so I worry the lower volume may not give enough training stimulus. My available time may change in coming weeks, but may be not consistently. This means that at present I either have to go with low volume all purpose (which should be possible) or moderate (which may be ok some weekends, may be all in the future). So is it best to stick to the low volume, and may be add some endurance volume to weekend rides if time/fatigue allows, or go with the moderate volume and cut back to a shorter workout/reduce volume as needed?

Hey @TTDragon,
Good questions. Time available to train and the ability to absorb said training would be the reason I’d suggest the low volume plan. You should have plenty of training stimulus especially if you’ve got other obligations. You can’t take life stressors out of the equation in making your decision. Does that make sense? Let us know how it goes for you.



Yes absolutely, thank you. It makes sense to do something I know I can, rather than something I know I can’t!

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