Half Monty HR Monitor fail on the last ramp

So I just did a mid plan Half Monty and my HR monitor bonked in my last ramp before I stopped

HR = Red
Power = Purple

The result is my LTHR is down by 8 BPM from my last test. My MAP and FTP seem about right. I made some decent gains for the first half of the plan.

My constrained portion of the test the HR monitor was fine, but it my range was significantly lower than where I think it should have been.

Is there anyway to correct for this? I suppose I should retake the test :unamused:, but given it is mid plan I am not quite sure how to work that in to the program. Should I just adjust my LTHR to what it was?

I am also curious as to how this would affect my FTP measurement?

You are correct that the heart rate dropout will impact the calculations for LTHR and FTP. We look at the peak 1-minute heart rate during the ramp as one of the calculations’ anchor points.

This value also assigns the target heart rate range for the constrained effort, which was indeed lower given the drop out. Fortunately, the constrained effort is must be sub-maximal, meaning the lower heart rate target for this effort doesn’t impact your FTP results too much.

Adjusting the peak 1 min heart rate that you likely hit (based on other peak heart rates from recent workouts and form your last HM) brings your FTP up to around 276 and brings your LTHR up to 182.

Just comparing this HM to your previous one shows some fantastic improvements in fitness. For the constrained component on this most recent attempt, even though your average heart rate was about 5% lower, you averaged almost 4% more power. That’s a great indication of improved aerobic fitness!

Your training is clearly working. Keep up the great work!


I have to say, @Coach.Mac.C, your response is a prime example for the A+ support you guys deliver on a daily basis. It’s amazing customer support like this that makes me proud to have chosen SUF.


100% on the A+ support @Pierre. It is also a great community!

Thank you for the immediate response @Coach.Mac.C I really appreciate the insight and they make perfect sense and align with my feeling on the road and the trainer.

As to your point about the training being effective. It is working like I never thought was possible. I can’t say enough about how much I love the sufferfest programs and the impact they have had on ever aspect of my health and fitness on and off the bike. I sometimes think I have reached my apex but when I commit to the program I make gains that I did not know where possible.

Again thank you for the great insight and rapid response it is greatly appreciated :heart: