LTHR through a training block

Did Half Monty again yesterday, and was thinking during the HR controlled session about my LTHR.

I think my maximum achievable HR reduces through the course of a training block. Not based on anything all that firm, but I pretty much always have power/HR data from outdoor rides as well and particularly in the 3rd week when I’m starting to look forward to dialling back the intensity the week after I find my HR is maybe 5-10bpm lower than what it is when fresh.

In those weeks, should i also be lowering my z2/aerobic heart rate limit by a similar margin from that based on an LTHR measured when fresh?

Howdy, based on your description of your training cycle and heart rate response you might want to switch to a 2 week intensity followed by 1 week recovery training cycle. Seeing that drops in heart rate response and power are key indicators of needed recovery. It would be best to shorten your training cycle as pushing through additional training weeks will not reap wanted gains. Training is all about stretching the body and then allowing it to recover to reap gains. The shorter training to recovery cycle may also be less taxing psychologically.

Dehydration and underfueling can also be causes for lower heartrate response so always be sure your fueling your workouts adequately.

During a recovery week durations and intensities should be lowered with most of your time spent in Z1. You do not need to lower your zone Heart rates, although you should only be in Z2 for 20-25% of total time during a recovery week. Hope this helps!


That’s another gem about a recovery week! Thanks!

Add that to the comment on another thread and this is really helpful. Ta.

It’s good to get some of the science of what the body does and then get a broad sense of what should always be being done.
I doubt I ever have a recovery week like that. Off to check …

Sweet, thanks very much. I’ll switch to a 2on/1off for a couple of cycles and see how i get on - i like changing it up.

Underfueling has definitely been a factor, as I ran a running a calorie deficit for the last cycle and had a few rides where i was on the edge.

Thanks again :muscle: :muscle:

It would actually be really cool if Sufferfest was able to keep track of HR variability through workouts for athletes over time and adjust future training load in the plan in an adaptive fashion based on such data.

Folks do things outside of the app as well and there’s no great way to see that since uploads into the app aren’t allowed. So if you see someone start getting cooked with higher HR during recoveries and more HR drift over a similar workout over time, you may be able to adjust the following few days or so in the backend.