Low Heart Rate for RPE

Hi team.
I’ve been training pretty hard for the last few months, without much time off if truth be told. Lately, I’ve noticed my heart rate is below the targeted zone despite riding in the correct power zone and RPE. Could this be a sign of fatigue/overtraining? I have a recovery week and indeed a rest week coming up in 2 weeks’ time. Thanks.

Short answer: yes. I would bet your resting HR is up, too.


@CPT_A Yep. Checked this morning, my RHR is up and HRV score is down too. Recovery week next week is plenty due!


Hey Dewi,
I would say fatigue but also when is the last time you did a fitness test as your body will adapt to training.
Definitely have the recovery before going into that though!

Here is some extra info

@Coach.Rupert.H Hi Rupert. Thanks for your reply. It has actually been a while since i did my 4DP test and I’ve noticed the workouts aren’t terribly challenging, even at 100%. I have an easy week next week (last week of my FTP block) and I am planning to do HM at the end of that week before having a few days away on vacation. I get back from my holiday on a Wednesday, and will do FF on the Sunday before starting a new plan :slight_smile:

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