Macbook etc

What do I need to do to use macbook in systm? Do you recommend downloading videos to HD or is the streaming fast enough at server level? I have had probs in past streaming using sufferfest lots of buffering…would
Be nice if there were dedicated cloud storage for vids?

I’ve had no problem streaming videos on my MacBook on SYSTM. I think it will probably depend a lot on the bandwidth of your local internet service/home network, so you may have a different experience to me.

Having said that, I do prefer to work with downloaded copies of the workouts, just to avoid any potential glitches with the streaming service.

Can’t comment on how to use macbook (there are helpdesk articles and the support line if you do need help setting that up but guessing that’s not what you’re asking). For download v streaming I nearly always stream unless I know that some unexpected interruption to the workout is going to ruin my day… which it hardly ever does (until it does then, granted, it’s annoying as an annoying thing!). But then streaming performance will vary by location and potentially load (not just on the CDN servers, ISP’s and t’internet do lots of odd traffic management stuff at times) hence the general recommendation to download.

Although then it wouldn’t be cloud storage :wink:

If you were actually asking how to use SYSTM on Mac then here’s the quick start link

Recommend downloading - even with new router, upgraded ISP service, internet weather can still interrupt the videos.

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