Workout video loading problem

Maybe this has been dealt with in the past. I am new to SYSTM and find it not very effective in viewing content while on a workout.
The streaming is so erratic it is best left with sound “off”. I have downloaded the workout as it has been recommended on some online (other ) forum. And when downloading it all workouts pop up a message stating “Video Error: the video content will not be loaded”.
I use up to date software on a Macbook.

Ideas? Thoughts? Answers? Fix suggestions?


Did you check your internet connection?
I have Mac Airbook from 2003 and iPad from previous generation and it works perfectly. I know this is not helping your situation. I don’t download, just stream and i never had any issues.

Thanks Stephane

Newer MacBook and all connections are fine. Actually can watch (with no issues) movies on TV in the gym where the bike is set up but the SYSTM just glitches

Macbook here, never seen this error. I’ve taken to downloading my workouts for the week ahead of time. I do occasionally come back to find a workout has not downloaded in which case I have to cancel the download (there is an app delay here when I do this) and restart the download.

Did you tried uninstalling, reboot, reinstalling?

I can try. Nothing to lose.


Thanks for all the tips. I deleted the app and reloaded and it works fine.
… I think I may have initially loaded the iOS on the MacBook

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I’ve been having the same issue, started a few weeks ago. Super annoying, yesterday I was trying to do the Wahoo Frontiers ride but couldn’t follow the story because every few minutes the video would freeze for 3-5 minutes. No issues with connections anywhere else in the house. I’ve deleted and re-downloaded the app, I’m also on a MacBook.

I haven’t had problems in a long time, but the second half of February I’ve been having a lot of odd streaming issues.

When I first load the workout, before I even press play, I will receive an error that the video isn’t loading and ask if I want to disable and continue without the video. If I go into the settings and click disable video and then enable it again, it usually goes away and the video still plays. However, the end of this week the video has been stuttering or cutting out towards the beginning before it finally works correctly.

Today, I got to the end of the first interval of Defender and my trainer lost connection for a full 30 seconds. I haven’t had that happen in a LONG time.

My second time through Defender (yes, I rode it twice) the video stopped and paused at that exact same place at the end of the first interval before resuming about 5-10 seconds later on its own.

I have my PC with SYSTM on it hardwired to my router with ethernet and Gigabit internet. I only have issues with videos when the server has issues or on the very rare occasion my ISP has issues.

Considering downloading my videos for tomorrow to ensure this doesn’t happen. But also considering not downloading them to see if it continues to happen as it seems to have for the past week or two.

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Hey @rgoudie, welcome to the forums! Looks like you got yourself the solution already but I’ll add my 2 cents. ALWAYS download in advance. It just removes one variable and increases the likelihood of success.

Even still, I do on occasion get video stutter or on a very rare occasion video failed to load.

So, a few recommendations.

  • always download
  • if video fails to load, try complete uninstall and reinstall. You did this and succeeded.
  • if space is at a premium, you can always delete the download when you’re done. You can sort your vids by “on this device” if you’ve lost track of what you’ve got
  • last thing, on Mac make sure you’ve got the right version as there is both an Intel version and a Silicon version.
  • last last thing, on Mac when you uninstall, use something like AppCleaner to get rid of ALL the bits that dragging to the trash bin might otherwise miss.

Yep. Me too. Past year streaming has been flawless but the past few weeks I’ve had video dropouts and freezing. Nothing in my setup has changed and I can stream vids in all sorts of other apps without issue. Perhaps it’s all those guys in RGT frantically steering back and forth overloading the Wahoo servers. (Just kidding).