MacBook - OS X - Systm - Energy drain with opened app?!

Hi everybody,
with the new app wahoo systm I keep emptying my battery when I leave the app and close the laptop. I cannot wake up the laptop unless I put in a power cable and then the finder tells me: battery charging, 1%…
I need to kill the app after my workout and leave it turned off or my power management goes bust, again.
Does anybody experience something similar???

Thanks for sharing your sweaty insights!



First, WELCOME to the forums @MineSweeper, I’m on MacBook Air (intel) MacOS Monterey 12.2 and have always found SUF, now SYSTM and Zwift and other cycling apps to be very heavy on the power usage. Zwift probably the worst.

If I am going to be using it for more than a couple of hours, I always just make sure the battery is fully charged and if I am using it for more, then I make sure it’s plugged in. A also always fully quit the app (and all apps frankly) once I finish using it. Not sure if this really helps you or not but this is what I do.

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Thank you @Glen.Coutts for replying to my first post in many years… been a silent reader ever since the early SUF days.
I wonder if this is a programing bug or or a setup problem on my end!

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I dunno if it’s a program thing or a Mac power setting thing. I guess we can see if some more techie types weigh in. I recall from the old SUF app, and from Zwift, the fan would kick in almost as soon as the app started and would keep going until I quit the app. The bottom of the unit would get VERY hot as well despite the fan and this was significantly worse with Zwift. Now when I use Zwift (which I haven’t in almost a year) I use their AppleTV app. I think that SYSTM isn’t quite as bad, at least I haven’t noticed anything but again, I always hard quit the app when I am done anyway.

Fellow Mac User here. Get the Battery Health appliction. I thought the same thing with my older Mac. Turns out the battery, which is absolutely unreplaceable, is trashed. It has less than 50% charge power now.

I can promise you that my computer is in perfect order. It is brand new and has never shown a comparable behavior with any other app.
I am pretty sure that it is this app that is causing problems.

Is it an Intel or M1? As I stated, I leave the app open and there’s not a drop of battery used when I close the cover and put it to sleep.

Welcome @MineSweeper !

I also don’t leave the app running when I close my laptop, so don’t have any data to either support your observation or offer an alternative experience. I will run a couple of tests over the next couple of days to see what happens with SYSTM running overnight with the laptop closed and let you know.

With the laptop open and SYSTM on the home page, I see the following processes and CPU usage:

When running a workout, I see the following processes and CPU usage:

For context, this data is from a 2020 MBP with 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7.

There’s a known issue with the current release of macOS where the battery is drained even when the laptop is in sleep mode. I’ve experienced this for the last few weeks. If you have bluetooth enabled, your battery is drained even in sleep mode. Try turning off bluetooth when you’re done your workout and see if that makes a difference.

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Big Sur (11.5) doesn’t have this issue as my battery is holding up fine.

It’s an M1, pretty new and had no problems whatsoever… so far.

I will turn of bluetooth and observe what happens.
For some reason my ant+ usb dongle couldn’t the Tacx Neo trainer anymore, so I had to switch to bluetooth.

Just an FYI… Today (Feb 10), Apple released an update (12.2.1) that supposedly addresses this issue on Intel Macs. Perhaps it will fix it on M1’s as well.

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Thanks for the info, the update is running now and I will check on the status tomorrow

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