Make our own workouts

My parter is a Zwifter because he can design his own workouts. Any idea of when this will be available on Sufferfest? He’s really keen on swapping to Suf once this option is available.

I apologise if I haven’t seen any similar posts recently, I tried searching for them but couldn’t see anything. Either way, I hope this will help push demands.

I believe it was on the “to do” list a long time ago, but I am not sure it will ever come to fruition unfortunately. I would very much like one, similar to either Zwift’s or trainer road’s.


For now if you are using a computer/laptop (PC/Mac or Linux) try the free software “Golden Cheetah”. It has a training mode and connects to sensors. It’s pretty ugly, clunky and the User Guide is pretty much non-existent, but it’s free (and opensource so if you code I guess a phone app would be possible).

I don’t know how the Zwift one works but you have to design TR ones on a computer/laptop using a separate bit of software and then ‘publish’ them so they appear elsewhere. TBH by the time you’ve done that you might as well just use Golden Cheetah. I think you can probably combine Golden Cheetah and Sufferfest on one machine if you have 2 ANT+ dongles, but haven’t tried as I don’t care that much that sufferfest collects everything. Golden Cheetah can be set to download everything, including swims and runs, from Strava and has a PMC etc. It’s there I track stuff.

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I don’t see this coming to Sufferlandria at all. Mostly because SUF is mostly build around the videos whilst Zwift is build around virtual tracks and courses. I don’t see any benefit in riding a video more or less randomly to any customized workout. If you wanted this you could always control your trainer by your head unit (Wahoo or similar FE-C capable) and just watch any video. But why would you want to do that in SUF?
And adding to this: Since SUF has gone into the direction of providing training plans and not just videos it would also not make sense to option for custom workout builds.


Well my partner loves the video and the platform, so he’d just like to have his own interval sessions along with a Flanders vid. He used to race pro so he loves it but wants a more difficult workout.


I agree.

Option for building own workouts is missing!

No video required.

I’d like to have also an option for joining two or more SUF workouts as it was missing when doing 5-6hours endurance sessions indoor.


I’m 100% with @Holger1980 on this one.

I get that some want this function but I don’t see this happening. SUF moves in the direction of coaching an all around athlete and I feel like they want to keep a grip on our training. I, for one, am happy about it.

Of course nobody is stopping you from voting for this feature. :slight_smile:

I believe this is a planned feature called “playlist”. I remember somebody from the team talking about or at least hinting at something like this, if I am not mistaken.


Each to their own, you don’t have to use the extra feature. It won’t hurt being there, it would only benefit those that would really like the feature, so in all respect I’d appreciate if you didn’t counter-vote! Thanks😁


We would love to have this feature in the app – and it’s something that we could possibly do next year. However, we also continue to add more workouts to our library that makes the need for personal workouts less likely since our library covers a lot of ground. I’m curious what sort of workout your partner wishes was in the app? Perhaps it’s something we can add.


Great, we just mentioned to the creator of Nine Hammers and Violator that we need something more difficult. :grinning: Can’t wait for the new videos.


The way I think it could work without costing too much is that you create a ‘playlist of intervals/laps’

So… each SUF video has a load of sections defined (each time the countdown timer goes to zero). Each section has a bit of video associated with it.

If you were able to list those and create a playlist of sections (and associate a percentage with each of them) then you could design a SUF workout that was exactly to yo ur taste.

I mean… who wouldn’t want to do Nine Hammers, where every hammer is hammer five?!? :hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer:

(Or, and this is my pet peeve, create Angels but with an actual warm up!)


long (4h+) rides


I second the use of golden cheetah for something like this.

Conversely you could find something on ERG DB and import it to trainer day and then use your headunit to control the workout if you have a bolt.

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Most of the Apps in the market offer a workout builder…

As some workouts do not suit me perfectly I would appreciate to upload own or extern workouts. Alternatively a workout builder could be an option like Zwift has. I`ll try with golden cheetah or my Elemnt Bolt now.