Is there a way to build Systm/X workouts in TrainingPeaks, to be able to ride in Zwift?

I saw in the Sufferfest FB group that someone(s) has done this. It’s time consuming, they said, but by building the sufferfest workout in TP, they can then ride the Suf/X workouts in the Zwift interface. But I can’t figure out how to take apart, say, 14 Vise Grips, data to put into TP.

I don’t use it on a PC/laptop. I use an ATV for my workouts.

I’m not well versed in this. I don’t build workouts in TP (clearly) so any advice is appreciated. Only STFA info I can find here is from 2021, 2020…so not current AFAICT.

FWIW…I’m not talking about sync’ing completed workouts with TP. I want to have it be my WOTD and then open that in Zwift (of which I now have a free year) to ride the Suf/X workout in that environment.


You don’t need to build it yourself. There is a browser extension (FIT Exporter for non-Wahoo Devices / RGT) which allows you to export workouts into FIT file format. You can use a FIT to ZWO converter (Workout converters | What's on Zwift?) to turn it into a ZWO and drop it into the Zwift workouts directory. It requires a bit of work, but it’s easier than building it yourself. You may be able to import into TP in some way and do it that way, but I have no experience in that area.