Zwift/Sufferfest (again)


Firstly, I know this has been asked before but I’ve looked at previous topics and tried and tried and I just can’t get this to work so…

Following my triumphant win of the Tour of Sufferlandria 2024 after almost no training, I’ve decided I’d quite like to start training again. I’ve seen a lot of the Systm vidoes multiple times and I tend to avoid the Inspiration videos as they only inspire me to shout at the screen so I’d quite like to do some of the workouts in Zwift.

My set up is a Kickr V5 which connects via BT to a PC. My Garmin watch connects via ANT to the PC. I know the basic idea of overlaying the SF workout over Zwift but I can’t get it to work as, no matter what I do, the first app I open grabs all the connections and won’t let go. Can someone step-by-step me (and I do mean basic instructions) through how to do this as I’ve a feeling I’m being impossibly dense but I just can’t work it out.


@NickyLeary Try the browser extension tool - it works with either Chrome or Firefox.

Step 1 - Install the browser extension.
Step 2 - Open SYSTM on your PC:

Step 3 - Go to your calendar or the library and click on the workout you plan to do.
Step 4 - Above the workout there will be a button - export to .zwo file - click to download.
Step 5 - Open two windows - one with downloads and the other with the location of your Zwift files. On Mac it is in the documents folder. I am not sure where it is on PC. Move the .zwo file from your download file to the folder that has your Zwift ID. Directions here:

Step 6 - Open Zwift, connect your devices and go to workouts and look at the custom workout folder and if everything went well the workout should be available there. Select and then choose a route and start your workout.

Note that Zwift doesn’t do a good job importing cadence targets - everything will be in power so this doesn’t work as well with workouts like Cadence Builds or any of the CadenceNo-Vids or On Location videos with cadence work. However, if you write down the specific cadence instructions you can easily follow cadence targets separately where needed (sometimes they are contained in the workout notes - especially for the NoVids).

When you are done the workout should post to the SYSTM calendar. If you had a workout scheduled you can drag the scheduled workout over the completed Zwift workout and it should turn green showing completion.

Alternatively if you have a Bolt or Roam you can also run the workouts - make sure that Zwift is in passive mode. The Bolt or Roam should control the trainer. If you do it this way you will have two records on your calendar so I prefer using the browser extension tool.

Wow! Thanks so much! I’ve got some hazy memories of downloading the .zwo files for something else before (not sure it was in connection with this platform or something else, I’m thinking it might have been something to do with RGT?) so I think this will work.


Note that some workouts will not download as .zwo files. If this is the case, download the .fit file and use a converter. I used one that needs your actual Zwift FTP (it will be different that your SYSTM one).