Mallorca 312 in 2024

Screaming toe pose :joy:

Interesting. I have been a vivobarefoot user for 7y and no foot issues at all. But I often have to wear “normal” work shoes and walk a lot- say 15-18000 steps, and the PF hit hard after a week of walking in these shoes. Podiatrist has prescribed high arch insoles but they are not helping and I am gravitating back to the vivo’s and crocs- surely the most comfortable footwear ever invented :grinning:

I have started using dynamic cyclist to compliment foot stretching etc and on day 5 of the first week my PF disappeared for 2 days- perhaps reflecting stretching of hamstrings, loosening hips and a reminder of how connected the kinetic chain is. But a day of walking albeit with the arch insoles and it returned though not quite as bad. So, back to DC for me

I can’t imagine having it for years. That is suffering!


Fortunately the pf is mostly dormant these days. Interesting comment about shoe choice. Outside of occasions and meetings, I’ve worn nothing but Birkenstocks for 40 years - the arches and the stiffness with cushioning that cork soles provide works wonders to alleviate pf for me.
Ooofos are a softer, springier variable density material flip-flop that also works. The squishiness of Ooofos causes a lot of side-to-side rocking when I walk, so they probably help build core strength too…


It’s killer when you’re new to the pose but so effective!


Well i’m wholeheartedly with you on the former, still working on the latter…

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Need to work on that pose as well as several others. Core us very weak and a recent set of exercises exposed this. Need to work up, slowly to strengthen both sides of the abdomen and mud to lower back.