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Hi all. I’m coming to the end of the 12 week Cycling, General Fitness, All Purpose training plan.

Next up for me is a 200km, 3,000m Fondo in 20 weeks. I’m wondering what training plan I should choose to prepare? The Event Prep option for a Mountain Fondo only goes to 160km and is just 12 weeks long, leaving me 8 weeks shy of the event date. The next option up is a Gravel event at 322kms, which is overkill and still just 12 weeks long.

Any advice is gratefully received. Thanks.

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I’m in the same boat! I’m doing Flanders in April and not sure which is the best fit. :thinking:

I did the Mountain Fondo plan for it last year and it yielded pretty good results, but I’m wondering if the Criterium plan might be better for the shorter, more intense climbs?

I wouldn’t worry too much about the indicated length of the event on the plan - so long as you make sure you get some longer training rides in you’ll be fine - they’re mainly just 3hr Z2 sessions.

Regarding the 8 week gap, just set the plan to finish on the day of your event (that way you’ll get a proper taper). That will mean you have 8 weeks to kill before your plan starts, which you could fill with a more specific plan such as a Transition Plan (4 weeks), then one of the 4DP focused plans (for the other 4 weeks), to focus on MAP / AC / FTP / whatever.

But to be honest you can’t go wrong with Mountain Fondo - it’s a great plan, just make sure you do a Full Monty test before to get the most out of it.

Hope that helps. :facepunch:


FTW = Building block map + building block ftp + mountainous grand fondo


I’ve done the Mountain Fondo a few time and the 200mile GG plan as well. Honestly I suspect either will suffice. The GG plan, you can just dial down the weekend endurance durations somewhat.


Hey JayKay,

What you could do are a couple of focussed building blocks initially, perhaps Base, Tempo, FTP, or MAP. Then follow-up with the Mountain Fondo plan but increase the duration of some of the weekend endurance rides if you feel you’d rather do the distance in training first.

Doing the event distance in training is not necessary (check out Ian Boswell’s training in prep for a 200mile gravel race which he won without riding 200miles at any point in the plan), but it can be helpful together nutrition strategies dialled in.

If you wanted to discuss this in more detail your can always book a call with a coach

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Good advice. Thanks Coach!