Mallorca 312

Signed up for the Mallorca 312 in April 2022. I know that GCN presenter had a training plan through Wahoo/Sufferfest, wondering if there is set plan available on the Wahoo training platform?


Hey Raz, I’m signed up too. Will be using the 200 miles gravel grinder plan for prepping.

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Sounds like the right plan, thanks.John

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Great you guys are signed up! Correct the 200mile gravel grinder is the way to go! As it is a way off you have plenty of time to get through some other plans in the meantime. General fitness is always a good one to go for to build up stamina and then you have the 2:1 or 3:1 options in the plan too.


Appreciate the feedback. Looking forward to some improvements.

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I’ve just signed up for the Mallorca 312. Considering it’s only 12 weeks away and that most likely I’ll go for the short or medium route, do you think the Mountain Fondo plan could work better than the 200 Mile Gravel?

Many thanks in advance for your answer!

Hey @VicB83 on the route all the climbing is at the start so the Mountain Fondo plan should see you right. cheers

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Hey @VicB83,
You have a few options here:

  • The Mountain Fondo to get you ready for those hills
  • The Gravel Grinder plan but choose the 100mile option or the 40-62mile

Make sure to consider the strength, yoga and mental training add ons to best prepare you for the event :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

Hi everyone
I just completed the short loop of the M312 (170k). Being relatively new to road cycling and serious training, and in light that the last 2 months of my prep didn’t go as planned (and never having cycled up a mountain;), I was surprised and frankly a little stoked how manageable those 2500 meters of climbing felt. I under-paced myself and therefore missed the time cut off for the 225k loop by 10mins or so. (So naturally had to throw in the remaining 50k the next morning up to Cap Formentor).
So it shows what a great training tool sufferfest/systsm is! I could hardly any outside rides during prep.
Regarding the training plans: I felt what really worked well for me were the workouts from „week with Neal“ and any other workouts where you can train upper zone 2/3 at low cadence for an extended time to simulate long climbs but not at race power/speed.
Some of the 200miles-cyclocross plan whew too much geared towards racing rather than the moderate nature of the M312.