Me looking at the server today

For all of those on the ToS Prep plans, you know what today is!!!


We’re not all on the “not done Full Frontal recently” version of the plan. I had Cash Register. Easy day :hamster:

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Haha, that‘s great Aaron.

I am preparing to saddle up as we speak.
To my surprise even Primers yesterday almost beat my ass. The force is not strong in me at the moment.

But hey, bad FF = easier ToS, right? :slight_smile:

@Pierre that’s exactly how I felt yesterday with Primers. I had an okay FF and I may even write a post about it. Even though some of the results were not what I wanted, I did find some opportunities and positives in the test.

Please do. :slight_smile: The shared suffering gives me strength.

I am venturing into my cave right now. Afterwards I have to prepare my sons birthday party tomorrow and, if I am still awake after that, report back.

Power Station for me today (recent FF, sustained weakness), so you may hear a grunting sound as well!

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