ToS'21 Prep Plan In Place

Hey SuffVillage folks wandering around and in the Nine Hammers Tavern, be warned the 4th will not be with you … it will beat you suffering gloriously. I have chosen the Intermediate (not sure why) plan with basic yoga to and the old numbers one. FF on the 6th to set the table for suffering. Don’t be left out of the suffering fun before the TOS starts. Get in and get on the plan eh! :upside_down_face:


My ramp up plan finishes, with FF, on the 3rd. Perfectly set up to seamlessly segue into the TOS prep plan with fresh numbers.

Here we go!

FF on the 31st… then a couple of days until the TOS 6 week plan starts.

Wouldn’t miss it for anything. I had a brief visit in couchlandria and now I can‘t wait for the 4th of january to arrive.

Can’t wait to get suffering!

Did my last (and first) FF on the 7th so won’t be bothered with taking a new one. Have not been following a plan since then, just doing a bit what I felt like waiting for the holidays to pass (no trainer access :frowning_face: ) and get started on the ToS prep plan.

All in with advanced plan, intermediate yoga, beginner strength and mental training.

Bring it on!!

Bah! I wanted to do the TOS Prep plan, but it’s set to have Friday’s and Mondays’ off and I need Sunday’s off - yes, even tho the TOS starts on a Sunday. Wish I could bump it back to start one day earlier instead of having to modify every workout individually. Welp, here I go to carpal-tunnel town…

Hi ! I decided one week ago to plan FF on 1st of January … I have already ridden HM on Monday but not so confident with FF … ISLAGIATT

Why the lack of confidence? Did HM Numbers come out “too good”? Or did they not meet expectations?

Either way they will provide you with an estimate for which numbers to aim for in the 5 and 20 min efforts, when you crush Your FF on the 1st!!

You can do it!

Forget about 5 sec test, that one is almost over before it started, and the one minute at the end? Well, then it is more or less over, so just focus on emptying the tank and then give it some extra on the fumes that are left.

Go for it!

Hi @Magnito,
The numbers of HM have shown good improvements (MAP +15, FTP +18, LTHR +8), so it’s all about mental … I lacked the last 2 FF planned workouts at the end of TP because of a flu and overall fatigue…

Understand @NicoAttacker. Well, if you feel well rested and recovered, go for it. What’s the Worse that can happen?

If you end up with a FF result you feel is not really representative, and the HM Numbers better reflect your ability, then just go with the HM numbers instead.

Don’t overthink it, just do it! :wink:

TOS Plan all loaded but disaster strikes when Kickr power brick failed. Currently awaiting a replacement from the guys at Wahoo. Looks like I’m going to be late to the party.

Hey … Re FF… Is there an point doing it without HR data ??

New to Sufferfest and with my basic set up Im struggling to get an HR feed.(smart trainer only broadcast in BT and using a iphone)

I’ve done the first part of HM, even enjoyed it, but the second part was obviously worthless.

Don’t want to kill myself on the full FF if the results will be meaningless ?

What would you do ?


It’s better with HR, but FF isn’t meaningless without HR. Half Monty, however, doesn’t really work without HR. So, go ahead and do the FF, regardless. But, I would advise against doing HM without HR.


I have the Prep Plan all loaded into my calendar, but man, with the cold weather, the end of the holidays, lots of actual work to catch up on, and a sick kid to boot… I just have no energy or motivation to get out of bed at 5am. And no time to work out later in the day. Ugh.


So maybe flogging station #7 will umm increase your motivation to get out of bed and get it done!! It is what GVA would expect you to do.


I think flogging station #8 is more attuned to this kind of demotivation, but I hear #9 has some good snap to it, as well.


Here we go! On the plan w/recent numbers so had recharger yesterday and butter today. #ButterySmooth


What? Did you have butter? I had to do Chores :frowning_face:

Fortunately they are over and done, allowing me to focus on the prep plan building more power :zap: :zap: :zap:

I’m guessing you’ve chosen the advanced prep plan? I’ve gone for intermediate and had Recharger yesterday, Butter today, Cash Register tomorrow. :zap:

Really looking forward to the next six weeks and my first ToS at the end. :smiley:


You will love the TOS, best Time on a trainer ever. this will be my 9th TOS.