Meaning of Badassness

English not my native language and I don’t understand what “Badassness” means? Which I have seen in several videos.

If a google on this I find explanations like “the state of being badass”.
But being a “badass” doesn’t sound positive to me.

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Ah yes, language … I’ll try and help here using a more general use of the word that isn’t the original definition but the word has now effectively become a complement …

  1. Origin: describes someone who’s pretty mean etc (this is NOT what we mean when we use it in friendly / joking / type of way and NOT what we mean in Sufferlandria)

  2. In SUF: When amongst friends and so on we might say that someone who is a ‘badass’ is someone who can really CRUSH a workout and has gone beyond what they can normally do.
    Example: I followed a friend up a climb yesterday. It takes me 38 minutes. It takes him only 30 minutes … I’d say that was a Badass effort !! And he would take that as a compliment.

Does that help? (Sorry about the SUF language !)


Ok, I think I understand now.
Thanks for the explanation!


I would say you’re a total slacker :crazy_face:

With all due respect, obviously.

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Here this might help explain some of the other uses in the English language. Pretty funny. Ismo: Ass Is The Most Complicated Word In The English Language - CONAN