Meet Your Minions - Ellisa

Some Tidbits About Myself

I’m one of 3 Canadian Minions! I live just outside of Calgary, Canada - I’m an hour drive away from the playground of the Rocky Mountains yet I live on the Prairies - so I’m treated to the best of the cycling worlds…flats, rockers and big climbs (if I want them).

One of my favorite local rides, Highwood Pass Kananaskis

I live with my husband, 2 teenage boys and retired racing greyhound - so I’m kept very busy outside of my life as a Minion. We also foster retired greyhounds as they come off the track, so we’ll have a 2nd pup in the house several times per year.

I am a triathlete and have used SUF training plans for every distance from sprints up to a full Ironman distance. I also coach soccer in my spare time and had the opportunity to coach a team for the Alberta Winter Games in 2020.

My Favorite SUF Video

Violator - I know, I know - it’s one of the most hated workouts - but I LOVE IT!! I also love Angels as it was my very first SUF video waaaay back when in Jan 2013 when I purchased my first set of downloadable videos! I was hooked and have been a Sufferlandrian since that time, completing my Knightood in 2015. I’ve also done every TOS since 2014 (I missed the very first tour by a few weeks!) I joined the SUF Team as a Minion in late 2019!

SUF Camp 2019 - photo taken by the lovely Dame Rebecca

My other favorite video is “The Machine” - I spent a winter repeating this workout on a treadmill and took 9 minutes off my 1/2 marathon time - and I attribute it mostly to “The Machine” - it’s an AWESOME running workout!

Fav SUF Song

Try Again by Heifervescent - it probably has something to do with completing The Machine repeatedly - that song always gets me up that hill workout!

4DP Profile

I’m a Sprinter with a Sustained weakness (hence my love for Violator!)

What Keeps Me in SUF?

Aside from the humour and the fantastic science based workouts, I absolutely love the community! One of my favourite Mentors is a fellow Sufferlandrian- she lives on a different continent and we’ve actually never met in person - but we’ve been there to cheer each other on and lend a listening ear during some dark training hours - nobody quite fits the bill for something like that other than a fellow Sufferlandrian!


Thank you, Ellisa, for your support and hard work!

By the way, your local ride (Highwood Pass Kananaskis) looks amazing. I’m a little bit jealous of this beautiful countryside. :slight_smile: I hope you are appreciating it every chance you get.


Nice to meet you, Dame Ellisa! That’s a great intro.

Thank you for your hard work and for being so awesome :facepunch::sunglasses:. Keep crushing it!


Hi Ellisa!

/me loves these “meet your minions”


Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: :ok_hand::+1:

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We are so lucky to have you on the team, Dame Ellisa!!


@ellisa.podemski has helped me with a couple of my help requests. Thank you for your help and hard work! It’s always fun to meet the folks behind the scenes. And that climb looks amazing compared to anything around me. Gorgeous! Keep on suffering and supporting. Thank you for sharing! :slight_smile:


My hero, mentor, coach and friend. No wonder she makes a fabulous Minion!