Meet Your Minions!

We always want Sufferlandrians to feel comfortable contacting SUF support for any questions or help with issues. So, we here in SUF Support thought we’d take turns introducing ourselves so you can get to know us better!

A bit about myself:
I live in Houston, TX where it is hot and flat, so very flat. Needless to say, I don’t get to do a lot of climbing. Like everyone else, life, in general, is busy. With 2 kids, 2 cats, 1 dog, 2 hamsters, and more fish than I can keep track of, there is always something fun going on at our house!

How I came to Sufferlandria:
My husband (Sir Clayton, aka The Green Knight) introduced me to The Sufferfest way, way back in the days of downloaded, single purchase videos. To be honest, I thought he was insane when he told me about it (sorry Sir David). He got me to try Downward Spiral and I was hooked!

My 3 year SUF Support anniversary is coming up in a few weeks. What started as a part-time job with a company that I already loved has turned into a career and passion for supporting Sufferlandrians. I still can’t believe my luck :slight_smile:

Favorite SUF workout: #itdependz on what I’m in the mood for. It’s definitely not AVDP, that one kills me every time. I really love The Chores and Butter but the classics like Downward Spiral and The Rookie are always so fun (in a painful sort of way).

Favorite SUF song: “Blow It Away” in The Shovel, “Don’t You Know Who I Am?” in Defender and so many others that help me push through those hard intervals.

Favorite Pain Cave Setup: Kickr Bike! It is an amazing machine. My Kickr and Climb are a close second.

4DP Rider Type: I’m an Attacker with a VO2 weakness (hence my feelings about AVDP)

There are many reasons that I stay in sweet home Sufferlandria, it is really so much than just the great videos and enterPAINment. I get to see firsthand how the sports science behind all of our workouts and plans helps people to reach their goals. The entire SUF team has a passion and dedication that inspires me daily. And, of course, there are our amazing Sufferlandrians. Life would be so dull without this community!


Thank you for sharing Rebecca.
I also still have close to 20 of those download type videos - aghh those were the days when one could breeze through a video without the minions knowing :wink:.


Happy almost 3 year Anniversary!

Thanks for the great photos!

I would agree, there is a generosity within the community that really sets it apart!

The Kickr Bike does look amazing! But doesn’t having it mean you’ve brought the hills to the flatlands of Texas? :wink:



Thank you for sharing, @rebecca.bell.
This thread is a great idea and your post a very sweet first entry.

While this topic gives us the chance to get to know all of you a bit better, I also want to use this opportunity to say: Thank you for your support and dedication!


What I have to mention here is that we can’t believe OUR luck that Dame Rebecca agreed to join us. I mean – what were the chances that a brilliant PhD like her would work for a rag-tag group of minions like us? But she did and we’re so grateful for her leadership and care for the SUF community. We truly Tough Love her.


We can’t believe it either …


You’re exactly right! Having had few chances to really do good climbs, the Kickr Bike has made a huge difference.


Thank you for sharing, Rebecca. There was an old Ad on tv here . A man was walking down a corridor in an office block . He heard a phone ringing, and so he entered an office.Dust and cobwebs everywhere , he wiped the dust off the phone , picked up the receiver to find the call was a wrong number.He was in the complaints department, abandoned because this product never goes wrong. I hold the minions in the same regard as the ad projected this product. Always supportive, polite, fast to respond, and never failing to get to the bottom of an issue without delay or fuss.


I stayed in Round Rock once, if there was a hill up ahead, it usually turned out to be a snake in the road

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Round Rock is super hilly compared to where we are! We travel out that way to ride hills :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing part of your story with us, Dame Rebecca.

I enjoyed reading this and look forward to reading about other Minions, too. You rock! :facepunch: :sunglasses:


Fun Fact : Our dog Baxter is named for the generous and irreplaceable Sir @michaeljbaxter!


It was awfully nice of you guys to do that, I consider myself honoured.