Too much "cheese"

Ok, I get that there will be a lot of potential opinions here but does anyone else find that SUF has too much “cheese”??
I don’t mind jokes and fun but using the program for just over 2 months I find some of the humor very dry and actually annoying. All the “shredded chamois”, “laser goats”, “holy water”, “lava”, etc. just becomes a bit boring and too much on the “high school humor” side.

Also, the videos could be vaaaaaaaastly improved if underneath the music we could hear the actual “race” sounds as right now the video’s have a really detached feeling.

Ok, that’s it. Let the roasting start… :slight_smile:


No rant from me. Everyone has their own opinion. I love the SUF humour and the whole history and culture of Sufferlandria. To me it’s the humour that keeps me from taking myself too seriously and, unlike you, I find it motivating. I guess I embrace my inner teenager. On Facebook, the Suffferlandria page is one of the most supportive and helpful communities on the internet, and I’ve found the Forums so far, to be equally so. I’m about to take part in my 6th Tour of Sufferlandria, the greatest grand tour of a mythical nation in the whole wide world so consider me to have taken the blue pill, or the red one, I can never remember. This is about as close to a rant as you’ll get from me on this topic.


Well … there is always TR … there is total lack of “cheese” there.


Personally, I like the humour, and haven’t found that it’s got old yet. I can understand that it’s not for everyone though.

Regarding the race sounds, I’ve never felt that it was missing. I think if there was sound from the race, as well as the music, there would be too much going on on the audio side. I like the soundtracks, and I think they work well in combination with the video footage.


No rant from me either.

Aside from the TR option or the mid 80’s Nintendo graphics Zwift option you can disable the “cheese” and display if you like. Look in the Display settings tab of the session.



Agreed, you can always run the app in the Mini Player mode and watch/listen to whatever you like.


Just bring some extra crackers along for the ride!


You could always look at the No Vid alternatives. They are great workouts, the text commentary is much more training specific, but you will need your own music/video.

There are a few videos with race audio towards the end - The Rookie and Joyride - it’s a nice change and quite immersive, I’m not sure I’d want it for a whole video through.


Mmm, cheese :cheese:


I guess it’s horses for courses and laser goats for couchlandrians! Personally I don’t mind the cheese at all. I guess it’s a bit like the music, if you don’t like it the app lets you play your own, just like it lets you lose the storyline and even play your own vid.

Plus the seriousness of the science completely outweighs any cheesiness in the humor. Just my opinion though!! :peace_symbol: :two_hearts:


Cheese!..i love cheese mmmm
Oh the video you mean?, well most of the time i hardly notice any vide or storyline,bleedin eyes :rofl:
But cheese mmmm love cheese, only prob is which type…


I noticed on 14 vise grips today there’s a storyline that says you probably won’t see this cos your chewing stem!!


it wouldn’t be Sufferlandria without it. I mean, that’s exactly what makes it special. otherwise I could just stick with Zwift or whatever else


and to slightly misquote:

The above sum it up perfectly for me.

Any platform that has:

  • A dog being vacuumed (The Chores)
  • A cat holding the TV remote (SUF Idol)
  • Manic screaming in the dying moments of the final sprint when the music has already faded (Joyride),
  • The entirety of Team Scream

plus training that has produced huge results for me…

…Is a work of creative genius. :smile: :smile:


Sorry, forgot to mention MTP which I was super cynical about before I gave it a try and found it actually works.


Plus one on the MTP. Again, there’s cheese in there but damn if it doesn’t work a treat!!


Reading all the answers I have to say: This is why I love this community.

And for the topic at hand: You already got some great answers how to disable the „cheese“ and still be part of the excellent sport science.

For me, I guess without the humor I would already be long gone…


Hear Hear!!!

What a fantastic community this is!

How easy it is to start a flame war on this post. But NO, no flame wars among Sufferlandrians. Just solid some advice on how to get rid of the things @bikealotbot doesn’t like and acknowledgement of the fact that everyone is entitled for his/her own opinion.

Got I love to be a Sufferlandrian, and that I may be part of this community!

PS: There can never be enough cheese, for I’m dutch :smile:


Sufferlandrians don’t do flame wars - those melt the cheese! And now I’ve said that I have a craving for pizza. Dammit.


Love the cheese and humor and the real Payne (from the Whine Region of course).

As someone whose focus is MTB XC, most of the road stuff makes no sense so hearing those sounds adds no value.

Given the times we are in and all of crap I’ve dealt with in the last 6 months, Sufferlandria and it’s cheesy humor is a pretty fantastic place to be.