Memory Foam Trainers

I bought a pair of Slazenger Memory Foam Force Mesh trainers from Sports Direct for £19.99. They are very comfortable - much more than any of the other cheaper ones, but I am afraid of their longevity. I want some which will last for years. I am concerned they will wear out in a couple of years. I don’t exercise because I am ill but I walk every day for half an hour. If it is common knowledge that they are crap! can you give me any suggestion of other ones which aren’t a fortune - say up to £40 max which has the quality.

When I was training for a marathon, many moons ago, I was told that the trainer’s I bought would last 2 years or 1500km, whichever came sooner. Apparently the damping degrades over time as well as with use.

I’ve got no clue how it is with memory foam trainers though, but would guess that you’re up for new ones every two years anyways.

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Your feet will last your entire life, the human body evolved to walk and run without shoes.

Yes…but feet that walk and run without shoes have calluses like shoe soles. Modern feet are too pampered to do that.

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Trainers that cost 20 pounds will not last long. I’m looking at a pair that come in at 200USD and the manufacturer recommends replacing every year if used twice a week, and no more than two years as the foam product will break down over time and not support your arches in a proper manner.

Modern feet are not pampered they are crippled by badly fitting shoes and unnecessary orthotic support.
I run and walk in zero drop, foot shaped, barefoot style shoes. There is no foam midsole to wear out so I am able to wear them until the sole literally wears through.


Fair point.