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I need your Support with regards to METRIC CENTURY training plan. When tailoring the plan I noticed that with regards to volume there are only two opions I.e. low or moderate. Wherease in case of CENTURY (miles) the options are moderate or high. What I am missing is HIGH volume for METRIC CENTURY (KM). Just want to confirm if that is what you have too or there’s sth wrong with my settings…

I would really appreciate your feedback!!
Wishing you even more suffering and the joy it bridgs!!

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I’m confirming that I see the same thing—just low and moderate options. I’ll leave it to others more knowledgeable to comment on correctness. But I will venture to say that if you want more, you can add more workouts (just respect rest days and recovery weeks) or use the imperial century training. Other than distance, the events are really the same thing.


Full disclosure: I am not a coach.

My guess though would be that you probably don’t need high volume training if the goal is a metric century. Even at a reasonable pace (depending on elevation of course) 100 km can usually be completed in the 4-5 hours of riding time. If you did high volume training for that length of time, your training time may end up exceeding your event time.


I wouldn’t underestimate the difference of an additional 60 kms of riding. In my experience, the last 20-30 kms of an Imperial Century can get rather ugly, depending of course on the supports available, weather conditions, hydration and feeling. I used to consistently cramp up at around that point on Imperial Century rides (until I got smarter about hydration and discovered a cramp crushing drink).


I have to agree with Sir Glen.Coutts here. I have done many imperial centuries and that distance is quite different than a metric. But, if you want the higher volume, do the imperial training. Just make sure to get the appropriate rest and taper down for the event.


True. Did not look at that from this perspective. What I am aiming at is sth below 100km more like 80 with 2000m of elevation. But that training seem to be the closest to that goal.

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That’s true. I haven’t ridden an Imperial for a while, but I always found the last bit quite difficult. It didn’t help that I was (and am) slow: lots of time on saddle.

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I guess it depends what you’re planning for your metric century though? Are we talking about a steady 4-5 hour ride or are you planning on smashing a 2.5-sub3 finish? Likewise also quite different training approaches. For the latter, my intensity of training was WAY higher and volume was a little bit more as well than when I am riding a slower cebtury but still nowhere near the volume of training for an Imperial.

Dang, you’ve just inspired me to train for a fast 100km again! :grin:


Dying to hear what you use for this. I cramp all the time, it’s only a question of when.

I think it’s different for everyone. I’m OK now that I’ve jacked up my Magnesium levels. Someone else I know swears by sodium

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Just be happy they are not Nautical Miles.


Now I had to look that up. Had no idea of nautical miles actual distance. That’s only 115.1 miles. Barely more than the ride in an Ironman. At least I learned something today.


Ymmv, of course but I swear by 2 things. 1, being hyper vigilant about hydration for at least a few days prior to the event as well as during and 2, these things

I used them by taking one each hour during my Knighthood and for any ultra long events since and have not cramped since SUF Day 2017. I don’t take them prophylacticslly but do take one at the very first sign of cramping and I’ve found it shuts the cramp right down.

I’ve had cramps ruin events where I’ve hobbled home after an otherwise tough but enjoyable long day on the bike.

Some folks will swear by pickle juice and I’ve also had good success with that shutting down a post event cramp I experienced the day after an event.

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I’m thinking a new Sufferfest may be on the horizon. …Destroyer.


Still, to ride across the water you have to pedal very VERY fast.


Or underwater very very slow! :grin:

Unless your bike and kit are hydrodynamic :joy:

Or a foiling bike!

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Do people race those?

No idea, but hey, why not get one and find out?

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