Mid plan ftp test question

currently doing a metric century plan for an event about 2 weeks from the week where it has half monte scheduled to see where FTP is … under the half monte ramp test it states if you did the 4d test to do that again . in the middle of the plan should I be doing the ramp test or 4d …

And if I take the 4d test will the training plan change based on new 4d test information if I do the full test ?? I mean will the plan change if my type of rider profile changes…


FIrst, note, I am NOT a coach. Just been around a while is all :slight_smile:

I’m a little confused on the timing of your schedule. HM is scheduled at the end of Week 8 of the 12 week plan isn’t it? Are you saying you’re gonna cut the plan short and have your event at the end of week 10?

If so, I don’t see much point in doing either test from a training standpoint as there won’t be much training in the final 2 weeks before your event (though the new numbers might help with pacing and such during the event)

In any case, I’m pretty sure the plan itself would remain the same but the targets within the workouts scheduled within the plan would be tailored to your new rider type and numbers (or just your new FTP and MAP if you only do HM).

That said, I don’t see where, under the Half Monty info, where it states to do FF if that’s what you did initially. Mid-plan tests, are almost always HM tests (afaik). I do see it saying (in the description of HM) that if you want fully accurate AC/NM Rider Type and Strengths/Weaknesses to do FF but that’s not quite the same thing as what you’ve said above.

I should add that there’s nothing wrong with doing FF again if you really feel the need or want the most accurate results and the week that is is scheduled is a recovery week that will have you suitably prepped.


The plan won’t change. The power targets will though. Does that help?

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I ment I am about two weeks from the point where plan wants me taking half monte

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yes cause that means the half monte is probably fine since the only thing that will change is my FTP so wont need to do 4d till beginning of next plan


Hey Kirk,

@Glen.Coutts and @DameLisa (you’re both as good as a coach on here) have answered your question there. The power targets will change, but the structure of the plan will remain. The HM is obviously still a tough test to do, but easier to repeat for some than the 4DP. If you are comfortable pacing the efforts in the 4DP then worth giving that a go as that will cover all the metrics rather than just MAP and FTP which is what the HM will cover


High praise indeed @Coach.Andy.T but I should put a disclaimer on all my posts (#notacoach). I definitely don’t get it right every time. Thanks tho!
Also as a serial FF avoider (I think it’s 4 years now hahahahahaha) I’m a pro at advising how to schedule races, illness and holidays to avoid it permanently. However, it’s on my Must Do list this year and I’ll smash it out a week after my last event of the year.


Never too late to catch a cold during your last event and keep up the streak.

when is that? In case you need a reminder :smiling_imp:

Don’t tempt fate. Have a race in less than 2 weeks and another 2 weeks later. No colds allowed. Murphy’s Law says I’ll get it prior to my event.

@Glen.Coutts you are welcome to send me unsubtle reminders to FF the 17th/18th Dec

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