Modifying Block Plans?

I’m curious if anyone uses the Blocks Training plans and then modifies them, which doesn’t look like you can actually do in the app (customize it, unless I’m missing something). So I figure this would look like selecting the block, and then just doing additional/different workouts when needed.

I’m looking at either doing the MAP block to lift my FTP ceiling or the FTP block. But either way I also feel like I need a good long ride each week. But for where I’m at, my longest ride has been the Half the Road at 1:45. I imagine that maybe I could do that pace for 2 hours, and maybe 2.5 hours at 50% FTP. Anyways, I feel like I want to also be building a bit of endurance, but not have that be all of my focus. If I can get up to 2.5 to 3 hours for easy-moderate ride, that would be great. But I definitely need to work on my FTP. So, thought about adding/swapping a long-ride in once a week with the MAP or FTP blocks since many of the rides aren’t that long.

I welcome any thoughts about any of this! FYI, I’m more of a noob with cycling. I did a triathlon a looooong time ago, but just started getting back into shape in January with a new Keiser M3i and Sufferfest. Last 4dp numbers, which I’ve probably already improved a bit are FTP 106, MAP 151, AC 245, NM 511.

I so wish I could do the custom training plan! :slight_smile:

@ryanoelke Welcome to the forum! I would suggest looking at something like All Purpose Road. All the plans are catered to your metrics and will help you work on your weaknesses. APR may also give you some of the longer distance rides you are seeking. It is also probably a better plan allow some time for your muscles and nervous system to adapt to the training regime.

The MAP plan can be intense and probably doesn’t work as well when your goal is to also add some additional volume. My personal take on blocks - especially the MAP block - is that it is a plan to use when you are looking to focus on a specific area after you have already tried to work on that area via a more general plan. You will probably see a lot of improvement over 12 weeks and you can then reassess whether you need to focus specifically on MAP or something else or just keep going on a general plan.

Good luck and keep us updated!


I personally do 3h easy-moderate rides (75% maxHR) at 70%ftp and I m actually trying to push that to 75%. FTP itself sits at about 82% of my MAP and I don‘t intend to work on MAP until I get to about 88%

I‘m by no means qualified to give advice and
I strongly believe that you should do what is fun while doing your hobby, but 50% ftp for lsd rides seems like you have plenty of space to lift your floor before you need to raise your ceiling

That being said, my personal preference are epic mountain days and not cyclocross races so there’s that…


thank you, Sir John! Makes perfect sense and wasn’t aware of the 12 week option/All Purpose Plan. That sounds on point for where I’m at. Quick question - when I see two workouts in a day, are those meant to be done back-to-back or spread out in a day (and at some particular interval)?

Thank you for the great advice!

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Thanks for your reply! I agree with you now that I think about it, and better understanding blocks now. Half the Road has me at about 66% FTP and I’d like to get to where you’re at. My HR feels solid, that I could hold that for much longer. Just getting my muscles in my legs to hold up longer :stuck_out_tongue:

I live in an area where it’s impossible to find flat rides, all hills and mountains, and so I’m riding a mountain bike and have really needed my indoor bike to make some nice steady progress. I’m going to attempt a ride that I haven’t done in a long time that used to wreck me, but I think I’m going to kick it’s butt this time :wink:

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Hey Ryan, here is some more info you may find helpful on how to use the building blocks:

If you did want to go more customized and talk about your training in more detail, our coaches would love to help too.

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@ryanoelke Do them back to back. There may be some coaches instructions and perhaps a reduction in intensity for one of them so look for those as well.

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Thanks so much, Coach! I hadn’t realized there were 30 minute a la carte chats available. Might have to do that soon :slight_smile:

thank you! Super helpful :slight_smile:

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