Moore Large Fallout

Wow. Oh to be in Europe with some spare $$$.



Is this basically the British version of chapter 11?

Yes it is.


I’m signed up on the auction site, may not be as good a deal as it initially looks as you add 20% commission, then 20% VAT to any price.

Chapter 7. Full liquidation.

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Got it.

Maybe this is showing my age but every time I see this article, my brain turns it into Large Marge

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Chapter 11 is debt reorganization. Tgat allows a business to recoup and to consolidate debt into one or two units. My understanding is that Moore is closed and selling off inventory to settle outstanding secured debts. Thats called a Chapter 7.


Off-topic, but I note that the original post here was made on the same day that Gordon Moore (he of Moore’s Law) passed away.

I don’t know if Gordon was large in the physical sense, but he was certainly big in the electronics/semiconductor world. We’ve lost a large Moore and a Moore Large. Sad times.