Moving from Windows to MacBook

Have been fortunate enough to get a MacBook Pro from work so would like to use it for SYSTM instead of the awkwardly slow old Windows machine I’m using now.

Anything in particular to think about? With the Windows machine I have an Ant+ dongle, guess I may need a USB-C adaptor for that.

(Kickr Core+Headwind+Climb +Tickr)

Use a Bluetooth connection and skip the whole Ant+ thing. I do that with Wahoo gear and a few year old Mac and it works great.

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I would switch to the built-in BTLE 4.0 connection that the MacBook provides. All of the devices listed should work in that mode. One word of caution: Radio Frequency Interference. BTLE is much more sensitive. You shouldn’t have issues if you are not using any other devices in the 2.4GHz range. WiFi is the most troublesome.

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+1 to Sir James’ comments above.

I even go so far as to shut off WiFi in the house when testing - downloaded ride. I even turn off all the other mobile devices not in use.

Nothing shall interrupt the pain!

I count the groans of the family denied entertainment while I ride as Sufferlandrian fans cheering me on to victory!


Thanks - worked perfectly :slight_smile: