Climb working again on MacOS

I can report that the Kickr Climb now works with BT on MacOS Monterey as of version 7.18 :tada:

To be able to use my Climb in the meantime, I bought an Ant+ dongle and extension. The question now is whether I should switch back to BT

Any thoughts?

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I find the Kickr more responsive over BT.

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I haven’t got a climb specifically, but my experience is similar to Sir Brian:
ANT+: Quicker to see sensors when starting a workout but Kickr is (a bit) slower to respond to ERG changes
BLE: Slower getting connected but more responsive and works better overall.

FWIW, I have both ANT+ and BLE dongles in my laptop bag - both attached to extension leads. I pretty much always use the BLE dongle (a TP-Link UB500) and balance it in the brake cables roughly where the head unit would be on the handlebars. I never have any issues with dropouts.

+1 on Bluetooth over Ant+ for responsiveness without lag. That’s been my experience anyway. I do keep my Ant+ just in case Apple decides to go and break stuff again. I hate being without my Climb!

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Hi !

Do you mean that the TP-Link dongle adds your Laptop USB 5.0 ?
I use SYSTM with an “old” iMac and I have no other choice than using ANT+ (with a dongle) as Bluetooth is only 2.0, so SYSTM can not pair my devices.
I’ve seen some heavy hardware upgrades to get BLE 4.0, but if the TP-Link dongle could solve that, it will be great !

Thx for your answer !

Yes it does but it’s a Windows laptop.
Looking on the TP-Link website there are no Mac drivers for the UB500
and this post on Reddit is saying that it doesn’t work because of the chipset in the dongle:

Shame :frowning_face:

Thanks to have spent some time to give me a valuable answer !

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