My power sensor is not listed in the "Add devices" list - Help!

Hi all,

I recently replaced my Kurt Kinetic InRide 3 sensor (which broke) with a Kurt Kinetic Inride 2 sensor. I used such a sensor for about 2 years previously, so I expect that it should work! I know that I would need to use virtual watts. That is not a problem. My problem is that the sensor (Bluetooth smart) is not listed under the “add devices” list. After I could not add it in the Sufferfest program, I added it to my Kurt Kinetic app on my phone. I saw targets on the computer (WIndows PC) and checked my power on the phone. So, I know that the sensor works, but this is not how I want to operate. Thanks if anyone can help!

I think that inRide 2 is no longer compatible. In checking the support articles on the web, you’d need to connect your KK as a “classic” trainer. See this and see if it helps. Trainer Compatibility and Connection Helper – Sufferfest Support

If not, you should email to see what can be done.

Here is a screen grab on the need for inRide 3

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Thanks @Glen.Coutts . I sure hope it is compatible since they were compatible int he past. I would have preferred to get another Inride 3 but they have none; I am on a waiting list. I do have a ticket in as well. Otherwise, buy a different type of speed sensor and hope for the best?

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Trainers of any kind are hard to come by :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I feel your pain though. I had a first gen inRide on my KK RM and back then the suf app and the kinetic app were sorta linked like they were with TR. as solid as the KK was, I went all in with a smart trainer back in 2016 and have never looked back.

I’m sure you’ll get connected though as worst case, it seems all you need is a speed sensor (Bluetooth if using iOS) or Ant+ with a dongle and an extension cord if using desktop without Bluetooth.

Hang in there and don’t worry, the pain will come :slight_smile:

The 2nd generation (black sensor) is not compatible.

Select the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine (classic) for connection instructions.

Send us an email if you need further help.

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Is the Kurt Kinetic inRide 3 (green sensor) supported as a power meter in SYSTM?

it should be. Have you tried to connect and had problems?

Thanks, I am going to order one now. I found this thread after my inRide version 2 (black) unit didn’t link with SYSTM/Suff this week. I rode inside with the inRide 2 all last winter (northern Canada) and now brought out the trainer to discover that it wouldn’t connect. For $50, the green inRide 3 seems to be the cheapest power meter option around.

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I can’t imagine anything less expensive. When I started training with The Sufferfest, my trainer was a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine with the inRide pod for power. This was before there was a SUF app and it was just downloaded videos. Times have changed a bit eh?! :joy: :joy: :joy:

The KK was a great bit of kit but I’ve since gone all in with a Kickr and a Kickr Climb. Best investment I’ve ever made in myself.


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