My wishlist

Put this in the Fb group but suggested to put it here also.

My Sufferfest wishlist…

I’m a die hard Sufferfest rider and love the workouts. I want MORE from the app/community:

• The apps should provide me better filters - right now on iOS it is just a category grouping really. I want ‘by time’ ‘by 4DP focus’ filters. Not sorta like there are but filters. TR does this well.

• Give me a “what’s new” feed/filter – I think I’m missing out on the new content being dropped…the app isn’t alerting me to anything

• GROUP MODE – I was first turned on to Sufferfest in a group gym and we used Perf Pro to do the workout. TrainerRoad now has group mode. GIVE ME GROUP MODE so I can ride with friends virtually and show their HR/Power/Cad only. I want to ‘compete’ with my friends again!!!

• Training Calendar - there are no reminders that are sent to me. I have a schedule, send me mails/notifications about the workout – right now it is VERY much pull…PUSH us Gunter, PUSH us!

• Training Calendar - let me augment. The training plans seem fixed so when new content (Norway) get added those aren’t in them…give me ability to add/change workouts in the training plan that are similar.

Love Sufferfest…want to suffer more.