National day of celebration/suffering

In the UK they are having a day of celebration crowning a new King on Saturday.
Being a Sufferlandrian this makes me pine for our once great mythical nation, now disappearing under the lava flows.
Who stands with me to reclaim our National Day of Suffering in Honour, Glory & Victory!?

Long live GvA !
Glory to Sufferlandria !


Well, there’s a thread for this. Lemme find it and get back to you.

Edit: found it

Also, I feel your pain just as surely as it’s my own. The wahoominati are doing their best to ensure The Company does not completely abandon us and are fighting tirelessly to see Sufferlandria returned to its lofty status.

Xoom Xoom!



I would just LOVE IT if The Company would officially endorse this. It doesn’t have to cost them anything, they just confirm the date, a date, any date and post it on Systm and on the Wahoo X blog; maybe highlight it on the calendar. The Company doesn’t have to spend any marketing dollars on this; just give us a day and we will celebrate with a wild and wonderful display of suffering and market it for free!!
I guess if they don’t it just proves they are hap py to bury Sufferlandria mounds of ash from an extinct volcano…


I don’t think The Company quite knows WHAT to do with us. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But yeh, it’d be cool for them to endorse the day. Either way, I’m in and thanks to Sir Erik @TrapMeSuf for getting the ball rolling. Whether it’s any of the things he’s suggested in his thread or a self-inflicted 3 hour flogging session of our own choosing. It’s a grand idea.