Underway - Fluffy’s GRRand Tour of Sufferlandria 2023!


OMG, are some of us out the gate already???

I feel so behind.

[edit] Ah, I see what you’re doing. Kudos to you, sir, for making ToS lemonade from wahoo lemons. That is a good-looking Tour schedule you have there!



You Got It - and thank you Sir. Worthy I hope of GVA, Fluffy, and a nod to our great Nation of Sufferlandria and wonderful previous Tours of Sufferlandria.

Am in the Uk and utilising 50 hour SUF days, so my westward SUF cousins have plenty of time to join in whichever Tour(s) they are doing.

Caution - I may have left some Holy TOS Water on the road ahead. :volcano::biking_woman:t4::t_rex:

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