Did you miss the 2018 Tour of Sufferlandria

I know that all those that missed the 2018 Tour of Sufferlandria have spent hundreds of sleepless nights lamenting this failure. Fret no more, the 2018 Tour of Sufferlandria Revival is on the calendar. Beginning October 7, 2023, the full 9 stage event will be held, with all the same rules.

Here is the line-up:

Who’s in?


Good gracious. The Shovel AND another workout? I can barely get through The Shovel as it is.

When is the National Day of Suffering, again? I mean other than every day of this…


I hear you but for me, Power Station is one of my favorites. If I had to do something after The Shovel that was a real workout, I would be hard pressed to find something I would swap out Power Station for.

For me, Stage 8 is the most concerning. Thin Air after anything is tough, as evidenced by ISLTA yesterday.


I put Kitchen Sink in my calendar on October 29 for the National Day of Suffering. That will be tough enough with a proper taper before it, rather than on the ninth day of such suffering!


:musical_note: On the ninth day of suffering GvA he gave to me…

Kitchen Sink and a shredded chamois…. :notes:


The good ol’ days of the ToS being the hardest thing in the winter to train for and complete!


@Critmark can you make all all the rides in blue? When I save the plan, those in black disappeared because I’m using a dark theme on my 'Droid.
I’ll also have to look at which rides I missed in the original.

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Sent it to you in DM. Thanks,

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Thanks. I did all the rides in 2018 and it’s on the ramp up for my A event. I may do some of the rides I abandoned due to work issues.

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